Sergey Kovalev – “I am ready to be world champion again”

We recently conducted an interview with Sergey Kovalev in anticipation of his upcoming title fight against Vyacheslav Shabranskyy on November 25. He opened up about his thoughts on Andre Ward retiring, his new training staff and a whole lot more. The full interview can be listened to at the bottom of the page, please enjoy!

HB- “What are your thoughts on Andre Ward’s retirement?”

Kovalev- “I am really happy because now I have a chance to get my title back.  Titles are now vacated which is very good for the sport.  The division will have new champions and hopefully one day we can make a big unification bout again.  Andre Ward is a very good fighter but this will bring a chance at better fights.  I will do everything I can for the sport to bring better fights.”

HB- “Do you feel that you have earned the spot at number 1 pound for pound?”

Kovalev- “Yes, everybody knows I won the first fight against Ward.  The second was a crazy stoppage.  Going into the second fight I felt really bad and I don’t know what happened that night.  Five minutes before I even got in the ring I felt that something was wrong with my body.  That’s all in the past now and I’m looking forward to winning my title back on November 25th.”

HB- “In this up coming fight with Shabranskyy do you see him posing any threats?”

Kovalev- “Shabranskyy will be a dangerous threat especially now that a title is on the line.  He has nothing to lose since he has never held a title.  I will careful and ready for everything he will try to bring.”

HB- “In terms of this next chapter in your career are you looking to be an undisputed champion again?”

Kovalev- “Yes I want it and I’m ready.  I have reloaded my body and mind and I am ready to be world champion again.”

HB- “Who are you training with now?”

Kovalev- “Right now I am training with an unknown trainer.  He was a former amateur trainer and I will be his second pro fighter.  I just changed my coach to get better and I am also using the same Russian conditioning coach.  I am interested in seeing just how improved my conditioning will be on November 25th.”

HB- “Do you believe that the judges and refs cater to more boxers then actual fighters like Ward or Mayweather?”

Kovalev- “I am not a judge I am a boxer so I don’t know what they like or think.  I know as a boxer we would like to a fair and right decision.  We need 100% decision in each fight.  The wrong stoppage or decision can break future plans for a fighter.  I respect all judges and I believe in the future I will get the correct decision.”

Please listen to the full interview below!


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