The Judging Was Insane in Brisbane As Horn Shocks Pacquiao

This past Saturday, or early morning Sunday for you Australians, Manny Pacquiao took on undefeated Australian native Jeff Horn. What ensued was a really entertaining and exciting bout but did the right guy win?

Jeff Horn came out of the gate and bum rushed Pacquiao. He was hitting him with combinations, coming in at angles, controlling range and was light on his feet. Meanwhile, Pacquiao was barely moving and just coming forward. In essence, Horn was fighting more like Pacquiao than Pacquiao was. Horn clearly won the first round, however, it wasn’t meant to last.

“There were moments in this fight that I thought to myself. Wow, Horn is kind of kicking Manny’s ass right now.”

While Horn fought well in the first half of the fight and I had him winning through round six, the second half of the fight was Manny’s. He started finding a home for his left hand. The body work Pacquiao put in paid off as Horn slowed way down. Most importantly however, you could see the damage piling up on Horns face. ESPN’s Stephen A and Teddy Atlas both had a 10-8 round in the ninth for Pacquiao. It was so bad the ref came to Horn’s corner and told him “I think you have had enough” but his corner talked the ref into letting him continue.

As the fight came to a close, I had it 116-112 for Manny Pacquiao. So, when I started to hear the scores of 117-111, 115-113, and 115-113 it sounded right to me. However, I turned to my friend and said “I’m sensing they gave it to Horn” and they did!

Was the judging insane in this battle of Brisbane? There have been much bigger robberies over the years. This was a much closer fight than ESPN made it out to be. Early on Horn was manhandling Pacquiao. The ref allowed Horn to lead with his head for all twelve rounds which resulted in two cuts and a very bloody Pacquiao, who looked all thirty eight years of his age. The judges simply awarded Horns aggression and were swayed by the cheering Australian crowd. While this may not have been the worst robbery I’ve ever seen, it does still fall under the robbery category.

Check out the above scorecard and tell us what you think. Was this a robbery or can you justify these scorecards? Let us know your thoughts below.

Thanks for reading and being a fan of the sweet science.

Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers- I am a fan turned writer, turned Founder of Heavy Bag Boxing. My hope is to see a new golden era of boxing come about for my sons to enjoy.