Adrien Broner Is In A Must Win Situation Against Mikey Garcia

The moment that it was announced that Adrien Broner would be facing Mikey Garcia, I immediately thought of a quote in a novel called Frozen Tides. The quote goes like this: “…in life, a man only comes to a few crossroads that can shape his future for good or bad. Sometimes one recognized these crossroads, and could stop and think about the right decision. But other times, the choice could only be seen with the clarity that came afterward.”  In my opinion, this line surely goes to Adrien Broner at the stage of his career. As much as beleive Broner is a talented fighter, the reality is that he cannot afford to lose a fight against Mikey Garcia.


Broner is coming off a recent split decision win over Adrian Granados earlier this year. While I felt he did enough to win, the fight was very close and some were even arguing that it should have been a draw. The point is, Broner cannot fight Mikey Garcia the way he did against Granados. Garcia, a technical boxer with very good punching power, has yet to taste defeat. He has 36 wins, and 30 of them coming by way of knockout. Translation, Garcia is a bad man who can put a fighter to sleep anytime he pleases. Adrien Broner cannot afford to take this fight lightly because this is a do or die situation for him. Fans who are reading this piece may be puzzled by this bold statement and I can understand why. After all, he is a 27 years old,  a four-weight world champion with only two losses. How could he possibly be in a must win fight of his career? Well boxing fans, let me break it down for you.


His fights against Maidana and Porter were fights that were for more than just money. Those were fights that were meant for him to prove to everyone he was the new face of boxing who belongs on the pound for pound list. Yes, he showed heart and grit in those fights, but he did not come out the victor. As someone who has defended Broner throughout his career, I made excuses for him as to why he was defeated. Whether it be not taking the fight seriously, or not being motivated, I always made the conclusion that he just was not living up to his true potential. If he loses this fight against Garcia, I can no longer make those excuses. I will have to come to the conclusion that he is a very good fighter, and not a great one.


In case any of you fans have not figured out from this piece, I think Adrien Broner is vastly talented. You cannot become a multi-weight champion on hard work alone. I still believe that Broner can surprise everyone and make a statement by beating Mikey Garcia. However, it is Broner who has to want to do this. If he wants to become an all-time great, then I am sure he is training like his life depends on it. As stated in the above quote, he has to realize that this fight is a crossroads fight that can shape his future. If he wins, he can go on to reaching his potential that many people like myself saw in him. If he loses, we will have to face the fact that he was a talented fighter who did not have the means to being a great fighter. On July 29, we will see what Adrien Broner has decided what he wants his future to be.


Jules Philippe-Auguste

Boxing Fan/Aspiring Commentator looking to share my thoughts on the sport. Twitter-@jules_augus