Roach on Pacquiao: “Those five rounds of sparring were the worst”

While Manny Pacquiao appeared dominant in his last fight as he beat Jesse Vargas for the WBO Welterweight title, he is getting up there in age. Pacquiao, who is closing in on 40 years old, is reportly not looking so great in camp for Australia’s Jeff Horn. At least that is the opinion of his long time Hall Of Fame trainer Freddy Roach.

“We are far behind. Those five rounds of sparring were the worst I have seen him spar,” Roach told the Manila Times. “Overall, the second day of sparring was not great I didn’t expect him to be good. But I think he’s getting there.” 

“Manny has not done any knockout for a long time. He got to show here in the sparring that he wants to knock him down. So I don’t know, I cannot predict that anymore.” 

Pacquiao will meet Horn on July 2, will he be ready or is Roach overreacting? Let us know what you think. Drop us a line below or on twitter @HeavyBagBoxing. Stay tuned to us here at Heavy Bag Boxing for this and other breaking news stories.

Lucas Biggers

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