Our Predictions for Canelo-Chavez

“I really want to pick Chavez to win this one. Canelo is weighing in about ten pounds heavier than his last fight. Essentially, he is skipping a weight division and fighting at super middleweight. However, this fight is going to come down to two things, Canelo’s skills and Chavez’s size. Unfortunately for Chavez, he doesn’t use his height, long reach and overall size. Normally, he bends way down and gets inside which negates his biggest advantage, his stature. So I have to go with Canelo unanimous decision.” -Lucas Biggers

“In this day and age of boxing, you don’t get to see the best fighting the best very often. Instead, the best you can hope for is at least an intriguing matchup. In an effort to sell Pay Per Views in what has become a dying PPV industry, Golden Boy gives us Canelo vs. JCC, JR. Both have huge fan bases in Mexico, and fighting on Cinco de Mayo weekend adds just enough hype to make this money grab worthwhile. Chavez has never met a dessert table he didn’t like, so Canelo set a strict weight limit for this battle in order to make Chavez worry about the scale instead of strategy. I believe that will work like a charm, as a healthy Canelo will batter the body of a drained and exhausted Chavez en route to a late round “no mas” from JCC.” -Ron Buckner

“There are many questions going into this Saturday nights fight. You have Canelo stepping up in weight for the first time in his career. He usually out weighs his oppinents on fight night. Then you have Chavez Jr who is moving down in weight. Chavez Jr once fought at Light Heavyweight but will now face Canelo at a catchweight at 164.5. It’s a huge sacriface for Chavez Jr and he will looked drained at the weigh in. For my prediction, I don’t believe it will be easy but I feel that Chavez Jr will in the end be too much for Canelo. I have Chavez Jr by 11th round stoppage.” -Rob Alexander

“My prediction is for Canelo to stop Chavez Jr in round 10. I do believe that Chavez Jr will suprise all of us and give Canelo some trouble early. But, I believe his grueling weight cut will show and he will slow down due to body shots from Canelo.” -Jules Philippe-Auguste

Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers- I am a fan turned writer, turned Founder of Heavy Bag Boxing. My hope is to see a new golden era of boxing come about for my sons to enjoy.