Gary Russell Jr Wants Lomachenko After He Dispatches Escandon Tonight

Recently, the Heavy Bag Boxing crew talked with Gary Russell Jr before this Saturday fight with Oscar Escandon. Here is what he had to say.

Heavy Bag Boxing- Your fight got post-poned what can you tell us about that?

Gary Russell Jr.-He got injured.  When you have two fighters training their hardest in camp these things can happen. 

Heavy Bag Boxing-Last time we spoke with your father and je said you have the fastest hands in boxing do you agree?

Gary Russell Jr.-I definitely agree.  I don’t see any other fighters throwing five to six combinations and I am doing it on a championship level.

Heavy Bag-Your father also stated that your power is very over rated would you agree to that statement as well?

Gary Russell Jr.-Yes I believe that as well.  In the sport of boxing my hands are my tools and I have injured them many times before.  When putting on these 8oz gloves it makes it even tougher on the injuries so we started making adjustments using my hand speed.  Now tjat my hands are feeling good I am able give my opponents a false sense of security and unload.

Heavy Bag-With now being at 100 percent what can we expect in this fight?

Gary Russell Jr.-Speed, power, and a whole lot of ring generalship.  I have a great boxing IQ.

Heavy Bag-The last few wins you have gotten knock outs is that the game plan going forward to keep it out of the judges hands?

Gary Russell Jr.-Ultimatly that should be the goal in boxing to knock the other man unconscious.  I feel as though the fact that I have had injuries before that made me hold back but now we learned how to preserve my hands.  I am now able to throw harder but I will take the win however it comes.

Heavy Bag-Escandon is a tough fighter what are your thoughts on him as a fighter?

Gary Russell Jr.-I believe that he has a style that will make it difficult for anyone to compete with.  He’s a straight forward pressure fighter.  The way to beat him is to be versatile.  He’s going to be one dimensional so I just have to be versatile in the ring.

Heavy Bag-Are you out to prove something to show your ready for another fight with Lomachenko?

Gary Russell Jr.-Thats the plan.  Escandon fought his way through the ranks so he earned this fight.  Soon after the fight I would love to fight Leo Santa Cruz or Abner Mares.  I told Mares after I beat Johnny Gonzales that I would give him a chance at me. Frampton is on my radar and in order to be the best I have to run through all of them.

Heavy Bag-So what do you want to do in the future?  Do you want to clean out the divison?

Gary Russell Jr.-I definitely have room to grow but I would love to finish what I started in the featherweight division.  We have great marketable fighters here and I would love to fight them all.  Before my career is over I need to fight Lomachenko again.

Heavy Bag-When you get that fight again with Lomachenko what do you need to do differently?

Gary Russell Jr.-I just need to be the same Gary Russell Jr that people expect me to be. 
To see full interview please see the below video. 


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