Chicago’s Jose Felix Quezada gets back on the horse

Things were going smoothly last fall for Jose Felix Quezada. The young super lightweight was coming off 11 straight wins to open his career, and scored a national TV fight against fellow undefeated prospect Ryan “The Cowboy” Karl last September. After 4 rounds of the 8 round fight, Quezada’s night ended early with his corner throwing in the towel.

“It was a bad night at the office for Jose,” said Shaun “the Pro” Tallon, one of Quezada’s trainers. “We had to stop that one, his pride took over in that 4th round and he decided to stand and go toe-to-toe, which wasn’t in our game plan for that fight.”

“In the big picture, it was a great learning experience and something that we use to get even better,” Tallon continued. “Jose was 21 years old and has been fighting studs. He isn’t a protected prospect. He is a very young, talented fighter that is challenging himself by fighting top level guys at a very young age. His future is brighter than ever, one loss doesn’t diminish his future.”

People tend to forget Quezada is only 22. Losing a big fight can be very tough for a boxer of any age, but especially tough for a young fighter with big plans and dreams that don’t include losing that zero on his record.

“I was pretty down, to be honest” admitted Quezada. “I tried not to let it get to me, but it took me a couple weeks to get back in the right frame of mind to get back to boxing. My dad wouldn’t let me feel sorry for myself though and told me to get back in the gym.”

Fighting tough opponents isn’t very intimidating to a guy like Quezada, who regularly trains against other up and coming chicago beasts like Adrian Grenados, Eddie Ramirez, and the late Ed Brown. Sparring against that type of talent makes taking on tough opponents an easy decision.

Quezada’s promoter, Warriors Boxing Promotions, is searching for one of those tough opponents for his next fight. He will be on the undercard of Windy City Fight Night, April 28 at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago.

“I’m going to correct those mistakes I made against Karl, and you’ll be seeing me on national TV again soon. I know I can fight at that level and I know I can win at that level,” said a confident Quezada. “You’ll see what I mean on April 28th. I am motivated to put on a great show.”

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Ron Buckner

Ron Buckner is an avid boxing fan from the great boxing town of Grand Rapids, MI. An amateur boxer, he has a unique view of the sport, both in and out of the ring.