In Defeat, Jacobs Puts The World’s Middleweights On Notice

Golovkin vs Jacobs turned into the fight we all hoped it would be, exciting and intriguing from the first bell to the last. Make no mistake, this was the toughest fight of Golovkin’s professional career. Jacobs boxed superbly, the game plan and its execution was almost perfect, as GGG came forward Jacobs used every physical advantage he had to maintain distance with the jab and almost perpetual lateral movement. Missing the IBF same day weigh-in in order to bulk up was yet another superb decision that very nearly paid off.

Working off the ropes, Jacobs movement, particularly his upper body movement, restricted GGG to only a handful of opportunities to trap him and go to work. From the fifth round, Jacobs increasing confidence became evident as he began  throwing combination punches with nasty intent and was also able to engage that superb upper body movement while still on the inside to avoid the Golovkin counters. Getting up from the canvas in the 4th, Jacobs stayed true to his game plan and, with the exception of a round or two, it nearly paid off as the ‘Miracle Man’ had moments when he pushed GGG backward and, all be it temporarily, held the centre of the ring.

With that being said, GGG won the fight. The cleaner work and the considered aggression, saw GGG over the line. The way GGG maintains pressure without rushing in and smothering his work is superb. Consider the way Shawn Porter puts pressure on his opponent’s, then consider how GGG applies pressure and you will see what I mean. Golovkin managed to land quality, clean punches but mostly as single shots, Jacobs certainly threw the eye catching shots and as the fight progressed he seemed to be putting more and more power behind each punch. GGG certainly did not out box Jacobs, but last night he was the better boxer.

There are reports claiming Jacobs exposed GGG and that this fight proves GGG was hype. These suggestions are absolute garbage. However, Jacobs did show that GGG will not make it at super middleweight. This fight showed that the elite at 168 would just be too big and too strong on fight night and that GGGs ferocious power cannot be guaranteed as a get out jail free card.

There is an old boxing adage; “a good big un beats a good little un”. In the same way GGG took Kell Brook apart because in the end he was just too big and too powerful, DeGale or Ramirez would beat GGG, because they are just too big and too powerful. We are unlikely to see a rematch anytime soon. It appears all but certain that the GGG vs Saunders true unification fight in Kazakhstan this summer is set, then the big one… Canelo.

I cannot see GGG making a run at Super-Middle and with only a small handful of sell-able Middleweights left I wonder if we are seeing the last 12 months of GGG? If Canelo steps-up and takes the challenge in September 2017, I feel we may see GGG retire by the end of the year, if Canelo delays again then we could see GGG may take a couple of holding fights in the interim and end his pro career with the payday that Canelo brings.

As for Danny Jacobs, he has earned his shot at big names and big paydays. Last night showed that Jacobs is a force to be reckoned with at Middleweight and on that performance a major handful for anyone at 160.