Expect Jacobs to Jump on GGG Early

Saturday 18th March 2017, Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY:
So far, 2017 is proving a red-hot year for top-flight boxing and Saturday night looks to be another great night of action. GGG in arguably the toughest test of his pro career to date faces the ‘Miracle Man’ Danny Jacobs.

Records of 36-0 vs 32-1, 33kos vs 29kos, two come forward, energetic and skilled fighters go toe-to-toe to prove who is the real Champion of the Middleweight division. What is not to like? For me, GGG vs Jacobs comes down to skill vs will.

We all know GGG, a stalking, imposing, unrelenting wrecking ball, if he takes the centre of the ring from you then the KO/TKO is inevitable, or at least it has been for 33 of the 36 boxers to face him. Jacobs is taller, holds the reach advantage and has power so I think we will see a more cautious and probing GGG in the early rounds as he tries to time Jacobs jab and feet. Think the GGG that faced Lemieux rather than the GGG that faced Brook.

My fascination with this fight lies entirely with the Danny Jacobs tactics, what does he do? The Jacobs that was shot out of a cannon against Quillin could take GGG completely by surprise, test the GGG chin, test the GGG will, take the centre of the ring and impose his will on the fight. This would make for a wonderful fight.

Would such a bold and bally move be a surprise? I do not think so. Jacobs natural style is to come forward and test his opponent early, and let us not forget Jacobs is not expected to win, so what does he have to lose? If Jacobs starts tentatively, trades jabs and begins to be forced towards the ropes then it is over, done, finished, it is just a matter of time.

Golovkin represents the skill, he is the superior technician and I believe he wins. However, this fight reminds me of an old adage, ‘it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog’. The unifying question is will it be enough for Danny Jacobs.