David Lemieux vs Canelo Alvarez Will Happen Next

Over the weekend, Curtis Stevens and David Lemieux gave fight fans one of the most entertaining three rounds of boxing. Both men seem to be channeling their inner Hearns and Hagler as they both threw nothing but power shots from the opening bell. While credit goes to Stevens for putting up a valiant effort,  it was David Lemieux who provided possibly the most devastating knockout of 2017 by landing a beautiful short left hook. After calming down from the excitement, reality hit me possibly harder than David’s left hook. It was the realization that Canelo vs GGG is further away from being made.


Lemieux was in top form this Saturday and showed why he is one of the most feared punchers in the middleweight division. I will admit, I expected him to actually be at a disadvantage once the fight went on the inside, as Stevens has always been dangerous up close. Having a 2 inch height advantage, I predicted that  Lemieux would  box on the outside and use his jab to keep Stevens from coming in close. However, as soon round one started, it looked like that was not going to be the case. David showed all of us that the animosity between these two was not just hype, and that he was not relying on the judges to settle the score. When Max Kellerman interviewed him after the fight,  he called out the likes of GGG for a rematch, Billy Joe Saunders, and Canelo. After making such a huge statement with his victory over Stevens, I believe that Golden Boy will make the fight with Canelo. Golovkin is already slated to fight Daniel Jacobs this Saturday. There have also been rumors swirling around on the internet that he is scheduled to fight Billy Joe Saunders later this year. If the rumors are true, this means the fight with Canelo is not going to happen this year. 

With that being said, I will admit to all of you fight fans that I am a massive hypocrite. Am I disappointed that GGG vs Canelo may not happen this year? Of course I am, But will I watch Lemieux vs Alvarez should the fight be made? Absolutely. After his loss to Golovkin and his so-so performance against Christian Rios, I will admit that I did not think Lemieux would be the devastating force that he once was coming up in the sport. His fight against Stevens proved that I was wrong, and I believe that David can be a top middleweight once again. If he fights Canelo the way he fought last Saturday, I believe that fans will forgive Golden Boy for not making GGG vs Canelo this year.

Jules Philippe-Auguste

Boxing Fan/Aspiring Commentator looking to share my thoughts on the sport. Twitter-@jules_augus