Miguel Cotto vs Tim Bradley is the fight Roc Nation should be trying to make

Many of you fight fans know, Miguel Cotto was slated to fight James Kirkland at the Ford Center in Texas. Due to an injury that Kirkland suffered in training camp, the fight was ultimately canceled. As of right now, it appears that these two fighters will not reschedule to face each other. Although this was a fun fight that was intriguing for hardcore fans, the reality is that this fight was not going to be a pay per view blockbuster. Roc Nation should consider this as a blessing in disguise, as they can find another fighter that will allow them to pay Cotto the money he demands, and also not take a massive financial loss. The most logical and most financially rewarding fighter for both Cotto and Roc Nation is Timothy Bradley.


A pro of 13 years, Bradley is a fighter that has given us many entertaining bouts over his career. From his war with Ruslan Provodnikov to his wonderful performance against Juan Manuel Marquez, he has shown us that he can adapt to anything that is thrown his way. In his three fights with Manny Pacqaiou, he showed heart, determination, and will that a champion is supposed to have when facing adversity. At this point of his career, he deserves to face the bigger names in the sport. Even when receiving negative comments about his controversial win over Manny in their first fight, he never let that break him and kept fighting. That shows allot of character, and that is something that should be rewarded by giving him bigger and better fights.


Miguel Cotto, even in the twilight of his career, is still a massive draw. His fight with Canelo Alvarez did around 900K PPV buys. Yes, it is true that he had a dance partner in Canelo that has a huge mexican following. But, let’s also remember that this fight took place six months after the long awaited Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight(or sparring match, however you want to classify it). Those numbers are extremely impressive, especially considering the high price and the negative criticism boxing recieved after Mayweather vs Pacquiao. If RocNation makes Cotto vs Bradley the weekend of the Puerto Rican day parade in NYC, the financial reward of this fight would be astronomical. Even with rumors of HBO cutting back its boxing budget, I am very confident that they would be more than happy to air this fight on PPV. Bob Arum does not seem to have anything lined up for Bradley, so I am sure he would be more than happy to put Bradley in with Cotto. Granted, Cotto working with Bob Arum again and the fight weight may be a hurdle, but I am sure an agreement can be worked out where everyone is happy. 

I am a hardcore boxing fan and will argue anyone that boxing is not a dying sport. But, I will concede that certain fights being on PPV is hurting the sport. As much as I enjoy watching both Kirkland and Cotto fight, it had no business being on PPV. To further my point, Canelo vs Kirkland, while very entertaining, was on regular HBO. Roc Nation would redeem themselves tremendously by making Cotto face Bradley. It is a fight that is not only going to do well for them financially, but it will help them in the long term if they want to stay in the boxing business.

Jules Philippe-Auguste

Boxing Fan/Aspiring Commentator looking to share my thoughts on the sport. Twitter-@jules_augus