GGG vs Canelo may be on the same path as Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

Most things that we love in life are set to expire at some point. Even us as human beings will cease to be in existence (unless someone figures out the secret of immortality). Under normal circumstances, boxing fights usually fall into the same laws of expiration. Fights such as Tommy Hearns vs Ray Leonard 2, Roberto Duran Vs Ray Leonard 3, and Roy Jones vs Bernard Hopkins 2, never captured the interest it could have due to being made too late. Mayweather vs Pacquiao defied those laws when it became the richest fight in history after 5 years in the making. And that boxing fans, may be a huge problem.

Canelo vs. GGG is the biggest fight in boxing right now and because of this, may not happen for some time. Golovkin is scheduled to face Danny Jacobs next year, and there are rumors that Canelo may fight Billy Joe Saunders in May 2017.

Now I am no fortune teller, but I have a feeling that it will go something like this: Both fighters say they want to fight each other post-fight, Oscar Dela Hoya and Tom Loeffler tell the reporters a contract is on its way, they do not agree to the purse split, and the fight gets called off. This will get boxing fans upset, it will be a topic on ESPN, and will get free marketing for another few years to get the casual sports fan who will then demand to see two fighters they have no idea what weight they even fight at. As a boxing fan, I hate the idea that we probably will not get the fight until 2018(and that is being optimistic). As someone who understand business, I can see why that is the most lucrative option for the fight.  The only issue is that if an upset happens for Jacobs or Saunders, that would turn a lucrative investment into a catastrophic loss.

As I write this piece, I truly am hoping I am wrong and we get the fight next year. As much as this seems like a good idea, this cannot continue to happen. If it does, even the sport of boxing as a whole may not be able to avoid the laws of expiration.

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Jules Philippe-Auguste

Boxing Fan/Aspiring Commentator looking to share my thoughts on the sport. Twitter-@jules_augus