Pacman Easily Beats Vargas & Eyes Mayweather Rematch

As many predicted, Manny Pacquiao, somewhat easily, dispatched of Jesse Vargas this past Saturday. While he did exactly what he was supposed to do, a lot of fans and media saw a slowly fading Pacquiao. Let’s face it, prime Pacquiao would have, more than likely, either stopped or knocked out Vargas. Pacquiao’s combination punching simply wasn’t there. He would land one or two punches and back away. Maybe, just maybe, he was playing it safe against Vargas in hopes of getting another shot at pound for pound juggernaut Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Speaking of Floyd Mayweather, guess who was sitting ringside at Pacquiao Vargas this past Saturday? Yep, you guessed it Money Mayweather himself. Why would Mayweather be ringside for a Pacquiao fight? The answer is real simple, money. With the insane amount of money they made last time, did you really expect Mayweather and Pacquiao not to fight again? They know if they make the fight you, the fans, will buy it. Whether it is competitive or not.

People love to see a bad guy lose, even more than they want to see a good guy win. Fans will pay through the nose for a glimmer of hope that Pacquiao will be able to knock Mayweather off his pedestal at the top of boxing. Unfortunately, that’s about all the hope the fans will have, a glimmer, just a glimmer.

Pacquiao has too many things stacked against him. The style clash will favor Mayweather. The fact it will be in Vegas, where Mayweather fights out of, will favor Mayweather. All the little minute details will be in Mayweather favor because he is the A side and he exploits that to the greatest extent. There is not a lot that Pacquiao can do different to switch the odds in his favor.

Can Pacquiao win the rematch? Of course, it is not out of the realm of possibility. It may take a little help from Lady Luck and Father Time. In order for Pacquiao to win, Mayweather’s movement has got to be reduced. It doesn’t matter if it’s from age catching up to Floyd or from body shots that Manny is landing but Floyd movement MUST be reduced in order for Manny to have a shot at pulling off this upset. We will dive more into what Pacquiao can do to win in future articles that are sure to come.

For now, we sit and wait for the announcement of Mayweather-Pacquiao 2. Thanks for reading and being a fan of the sweet science.

Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers- I am a fan turned writer, turned Founder of Heavy Bag Boxing. My hope is to see a new golden era of boxing come about for my sons to enjoy.