Did Kell Brook Unmask The GGG Monster?

For quite a while now, the middleweight division has been running and hiding from the monster inside it. A monster known as Gennady Golovkin. He has been chewing up and spitting out everyone who has the nerves to face him, looking damn near indestructible in the process. However, after Kell Brook fought Golovkin this weekend, guys in the middleweight division stood a little taller and realized he is not a monster, but merely a man. Not only do they see him as a man, but now they see him as beatable. While Brooke may have not defeated the monster, he did unmask him.

This past Saturday a welterweight got in to the ring with the best middleweight in the world and surprised everyone. No, he didn’t win, however, he did the next best thing. He may have exposed Golovkin’s weaknesses. Brook found some real success pressuring him and at one point, I believe, he had Golovkin hurt. He was able to land his power shots then turn him and get out of range with some great footwork.

The true gem that Brook unearthed was the uppercut. The uppercut didn’t just have success, it was effective every time Brook threw it. At one point an uppercut even lifted Golovkin’s feet off the canvas. Keep in mind, it was welterweight Kell Brook throwing that uppercut. Now, let’s imagine it was a fully rehydrated 180 pound version of Canelo Alvarez throwing those brutal bombs. The uppercut would then become a complete game changer.

The question is, now that Brook has flushed out some areas of opportunity, will any of the big names in boxing step up to try to take advantage or will the proverbial monster put his mask back on and continue to terrorize the middleweight division? Let us know what you think below or hit us up on Facebook or twitter @HeavyBagBoxing.

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Lucas Biggers

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One thought on “Did Kell Brook Unmask The GGG Monster?

  • September 15, 2016 at 11:55 am

    I believe Golovkin took unnecessary risks in this fight due to Brook being a welterweight. But let’s not go overboard on this: There was NO point in that fight that Golovkin was hurt or even damaged. Golovkin went in there believing his own hype. If it had been a legitimate middleweight throwing those punches, such as Alvarez, I don’t think Golovkin would have been so reckless. Brook had won rounds based on the fact he was able to move brilliantly in and out of danger and that uppercut did give Golovkin something to think about.

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