Terence Crawford Is Ready For The Elites

This past Saturday, Terence Crawford fought a game Hank Lundy. While Lundy did find success right away by countering Crawford effectively, the small victory was short lived. Crawford turned southpaw and then really laid into Lundy. From then on out, it was all Crawford. In the fifth round, With a stiff straight left hand, Crawford dropped Lundy. While Lundy did make it to his feet, he was swarmed by Crawford and the ref had to stop it. 

Who is next for Crawford? I’m not exactly sure yet but I can tell you it has to be a big name. Crawford is in a lot of top ten pound for pound discussions now and is in need of a signature fight. Some say that he shouldn’t get in there with some of the elites just yet because of glaring holes in his defense.

Yes, Crawford can be hit but that’s also part of his appeal. He isn’t sweet pea or Mayweather and he doesn’t need to be. He uses his long jab to keep his opponents at range and to set up his left hand. If he can keep doing that against even tougher competition than the sky is the limit for young Terence Crawford.

It may have been best to not take the fight with Manny Pacquiao just yet. Crawford is being brought up slowly, groomed if you will. I believe Bob Arum is in hopes that he will fill the shoes of Pacquiao and become the next pay per view star.

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Lucas Biggers

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