Andre Ward was perfect Saturday but expect him to take another fight before facing  Kovalev

There isn’t a whole lot to say about Andre Ward’s performance against Sullivan Barrera last night, other than it was simply spectacular. A lot of critics didn’t think he would handle the move up to light heavyweight well but he beat Barrera in every aspect. Ward even overpowered the bigger Barrera and knocked him down in the third round. 
Ward’s speed and counter punching ability made Barrera hesitant to let his hands go. However, what he did best was control the distance using his jab and superb foot movement. There wasn’t a time in last night’s fight when he was out of place.
During the interview after the fight, Ward hinted that he would like another fight before taking on light heavyweight king Sergey Kovalev. Ward said “There are certain things I wanted to do that I didn’t do tonight.” When Max Kellerman asked him directly if he would need another fight, Ward replied “I’ll let my team work that out.”
Ward is in no way ducking Kovalev but Ward has had a long layoff and wants to make sure he is ready. Personally, I used to believe that Kovalev and Golovkin had a good shot at dethroning Ward as one of the top pound for pound fighters. Now, I’m not so sure. His combination of speed and punching power is something we rarely see in the sport. 
Regardless, Ward versus Kovalev is one of the best fights that can be made and I’m excited to see it come to fruition. Thanks for reading a being a fan of the sweet science.

Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers- I am a fan turned writer, turned Founder of Heavy Bag Boxing. My hope is to see a new golden era of boxing come about for my sons to enjoy.