Mauricio Herrera says fight with Matthysse should be announced by the weekend and predicts Crawford-Lundy

This week on our talk show “Tough Talk Tuesday” we welcomed Mauricio Herrera. He had recently been in talks to possibly fight Ruslan Provodnikov and Lucas Matthysse. Despite Matthysse’s recent KO loss to Victor Postol, Herrera believes he is just as dangerous as he has always been.

“I don’t think Matthysse is done.” Herrera said. “Look he went through Provodnikov 12 rounds, and he took some tough shots in that fight.” While it’s evident Herrera respects Matthysse, he also voiced his confidence in his abilities.

“I told em I’m gonna whoop Matthysse’s ass” Herrera continued “I’m going to go all out with everything and maybe, if I can, even stop Matthysse. A lot of people think I’m crazy talking like that but I’m going to get in the best shape of my life and really prove to everybody what I can do.”

Herrera is also optimistic that the fight will be made soon. When we asked about it he replied “Should hear about it this weekend. I’m sure we will be able to tighten everything up and hear about it by the end of this week.”

In his last fight against Hank Lundy, Herrera suffered some bad cuts that were the results of unintentional head clashes. In another interview, Lundy expressed great interest in fighting Herrera again and Herrera echoed his statement when we asked him if wants to fight Lundy again.

“Yeah, of course. I have unfinished business with [Lundy] him. I felt him in the ring he doesn’t have anything that a lot people thought he had or that he thought he had. He wasn’t everything he said he was. I felt him in the ring, I knew what he had. He was saying he was on the verge of stopping me (laughs) I don’t think that was going to happen. It was the other way around. He is the one that was coming down off of those body shots.” Herrera continued. “Another fight I was angry about and it’s almost personal with him now and I would love to take him on, later on.”

This weekend, Hank Lundy is challenging Terence Crawford for his WBO super lightweight title. Herrera gave his prediction saying “I see Crawford stopping Lundy.”

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Lucas Biggers

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