Diego De La Hoya looks impressive and other results from L.A Fight Club – 2/19/16

Los Angeles, Ca. – In another edition of LA fight Club, brought to you by Golden Boy Promotions, the fans that attended the Belasco Theather were treated to a great night of boxing. 

Kicking off the televised event, the young and electrifying prospect, Nick Arce treated his fans and every one in attendance to an exciting slugfest. He faced the tough as nails Luis Lizarraga. Off the bat, both combatants had one thing in mind, close the show early. Lizarraga proved that he did not fear or respect Arce’s undefeated record and known power. Lizarraga got hit and he backed into an all out brawl. Many would argue that this fight was a the opposite of the sweet science, but the boxing consumer pays to watch action, both fighters gave the fans their monies worth.  

No one hit the canvas, but both fighter did get hurt in different occasions. At the end of the night, Arce took the unanimous victory, but most importantly, Lizarraga proved that he came to fight and give Arce a run for his money. Arce proved that with a lot of work and facing tougher opponents, he can become a force to be reckoned in the years to come. 
The co-featured bout featured the hometown and Golden Boy Promotion prospect, Carlos Morales (12-1-3, 6 ko) against Omar Tienda (14-2, 8 ko). Morales was the obvious favorite fighter bring along a solid fan base. If you have not seen Morales fight in other LA Fight Club editions, he is a fighter that relies on his boxing skills and counter punches. Even though Morales is not a big puncher, he is not afraid to mix it up and fen for the fences when the need arises. This was Tienda’s gamelan from the get go, as he tried to pressure Morales into a slugfest sometimes with some success. 

Morales was doing a great job slipping Tienda’s leading right, and following with short and crisp counter right uppercut that began to demoralize the game Tienda. However, in the middle of round 3, Morales got caught with one of Tenda’s leading rights and received a cut on his left eye. During this predicament, Morales showed to be a composed fighter and remained calm, even though his corner seemed to be a bit worried of a stoppage due to the cut. From there on, Morales fought more with his brain than with his fortitude, and began to out box, essentially, out classing the game Tienda, who began to get frustrated when Morales would smoother his barrage of punches. 

This wasn’t the most entertaining fight for the blood thirsty crowd, but Morales did his job, and did it well. At the end of 10 rounds, Morales was awarded a unanimous decision victory.

The event’s main event featured the a young warrior with some big shoes to fill. Diego De La Hoya (13-0, 7 Ko) put his undefeated record on the line against Arturo Badillo (20-9, 18 Ko). On paper, this would be Diego’s toughest opponent to date. Badillo’s record spoke for itself with more than 10 fights and double the knockout ratio in comparison to Diego’s pro record. But as we all know, numbers can be deceiving in the sport of boxing. 

From the starting bell, Badillo tried to impose his will and tried to let Diego know that he had no respect for him as a person and for his last name. It actually seemed that Badillo had made his mind up that he was going to make “history” and rob Diego’s precious “0.” Badillo greeted Diego with wild flurries in the middle of the ring and tried to bully Diego to the ropes. In an impressive manner, Diego stood there, felt Badillo out and when Diego noticed an opening, cracked Badillo with a monstrous right that made Badillo aware that he was in for a long 6 rounds. 

Badillo began to slow his pace and began to look for a way out, instead for a way to hurt his foe. In the beginning of round 2, Badillo came out of his corner looking more timid than before, and was greeted with a vicious, yet classic 1-2-3 combination. the crowd went wild and applaud Diego’s impressive speed and accuracy, and at the same time applaud Badillo’s impressive chin. From that point on, it was obvious that it would just be a matter of time before Badillo went out or got stopped, as Diego began to sense fear and smell blood. Diego began to be more aggressive and letting his hands go. It wasn’t until the first minute of the 4th round where Diego stalked Badillo to the ropes and ripped his body with a classic liver shot. Even with the loud crowd, it clearly audible the scream of pain that came from Badillo, who got a courtesy 10 count, as it was clear that he was not going to stand after that devastating, but beautiful left to the liver. 

Diego De La Hoya is a young fighter who has a lot to learn in the sport of boxing. But with everything that he has learned from trainer, Joel Diaz, in his young career shows that Diego will be a name to follow in the years to come. If he keeps putting these types of performances, Diego will not shy away from filling those big shoes given to him by his illustrious family name.

Till Next Time,

Rudy “Ruthless” Gutierrez