Pacquiao can’t decide between Crawford, Bradley, and Khan

Manny Pacquiao has once again pushed back making a decision on his opponent for, what is supposedly, his last fight. His promoter Bob Arum, head of Top Rank Promotions, said that they would announce Pacquiao’s next opponent tonight during the “MetroPCS Friday Night Knockout” card on TruTV but it has since been canceled.

Fred Sternburg, a representative for Bob Arum, told “I was asked to tell you on Bob’s behalf that, unfortunately, Top Rank will not have an announcement on truTV as originally planned as Manny is not ready to make a decision on his opponent yet,” Sternburg said.

Pacquiao has been mulling over three top competitors including Amir Khan, Timothy Bradley, and Terence Crawford.

A fight with Amir Khan would, by far, be the most lucrative of the 3 options for Pacquiao. However, it maybe the least likely to happen. The main reason being both Terence Crawford and Timothy Bradley are both stablemates under the Top Rank banner. So, Arum will more likely push to one of his in house fighters in order to not split the profits. Khans speed alone is enough to keep it interesting but the question is if his chin could take Manny’s power.

Tim Bradley may be a familiar foe, however, he does bring some new tricks to the table. Of course, I am speaking of his new trainer and hype man, Teddy Atlas. In November, Bradley accomplished something even Pacquiao couldn’t do, he knocked out Brandon Rios. Bradley is still developing as a fighter and he has definitely learned some things since he last fought Pac-Man. Both previous fights were entertaining and a third would be no different. However, I expect fans to request Crawford or Kahn 

Last year’s fighter of the year, Terence Crawford, has  enough power, speed, movement, and counterpunching ability to make the fight with Manny extremely interesting. While Crawford has built up quite the resume he still hasn’t fought a fighter close to Pacquiao’s level yet.

With those three great choices, it is no wonder Manny hasn’t been able to choose. Who do you think he will choose? Leave your prediction below. Thanks for reading and being a fan of the sweet science.

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