Guillermo Rigondeaux:Sleeping Giant


Guillermo Rigondeaux has been quiet in the sport for the past twelve months. That’s primary because he hasn’t been in the ring due to promotional issues. The ink is still wet from the new contract signed by Rigondeaux and Roc Nation Sports. With Andre Ward stepping out of his fight Roc Nation turned to their new star for their portion of the undercard.

Rigondeaux was taking on an unknown fighter from the Philippines named Drian Francisco. This fight was setup for 122 pounds. Rigondeaux’s style hasn’t gotten him very much respect in the sport but he’s a talent hard to ignore. This fight under the bright lights on the Canelo vs Cotto undercard was suppose to help propel Rigondeaux back into the spotlight. Rigondeaux’s life story is motion picture like. He has been a fighter his whole life. He left a wife and children behind with a lifetime ban from ever entering Cuba again. His past now behind him, Rigondeaux now has a bigger fight in front of him. That fight was not the one he faced Saturday night.

Rigondeaux is now faced with the fact that all boxing fans alike consider him boring. That takes all promotional value away from him and can lead to some economic loses. Unfortunately for Rigondeaux, he did very little in this fight to gain any new supporters. He threw the equivalent of a complete game shutout in baseball. The problem is baseball and boxing are two completely different sports. Boxing fans aren’t interested in defense, they only want to see big home runs land. Rigondeaux scored the decision victory but only managed to average just seven punches per round. The crowd was more happy to see the fight end instead of seeing Rigondeaux’s hand raised. You can’t deny the talent level but he is going to have to pick it up if he wants to fight for the right to be considered one of the best in the sport. My scorecard read huge disappointment.


Robert “Mister Research” Alexander- I was born in raised in the Midwest in Springfield, IL the capital city. I grew up influenced in the great sport of boxing through my father who idolized the great Muhammad Ali. I then followed the sport on my own and followed the careers of all the great fighters in the late 80′s through today. I have a thirst for knowledge in general and all who are around me would categorize me as a sports junkie. I have aspirations of becoming one of the great journalists of my time and also like to write short stories as well. I’m 32 years young with no kids and my whole life ahead of me.