“The Problem” with Adrien Broner

If you ask most boxing fans, they will tell you how sick they are of Adrien Broner. He is cocky, rude, and quite honestly a waste of God given talent. This is all fueled by the fact that there are always videos surfacing of him before a fight acting a fool and not taking his training seriously.

If you ask me, Broner is in desperate need of a new trainer, or to be quite frank, a baby sitter who can keep him under control and focused. When we look down the line years ago Mike Tyson needed Cus D’Amato, James Kirkland still needs Ann Wolfe, and Broner needs something similar. Not only that, but one who can help him get back his boxing fundamentals. For example, his jab against Shawn Porter was practically non existent. That alone could have turned the tide of that fight.

Then there is the problem of Broner’s two left feet. This guy fights severely flat footed and this makes him an easy target for aggressive unorthodox type fighters like Porter or Marcos Maidana. He needs to go back to the basics and work on his movement and overall ring generalship. I always say, “A good fighter treats his opponent like a booty call. Get in, get off and get out.” This is what Broner needs to focus on. 

Another problem is Broner’s diminishing shoulder roll defense. What used to be the staple of his fight game is now a crumbling facade. He needs to use his relationship with the Mayweather’s to his benefit and amp up his defense. Maybe he should ask “big bro” Floyd, Mayweather Sr, or Roger Mayweather to take him under their wing. In the lighter weight classes his defense appeared impenetrable but lately it seems like it is there just for show.

Last but not least, Broner’s biggest problem is his management team, Al Haymon. Why is Haymon a problem in this equation? Well, it’s evident that his management team is not worried about Broner’s reputation in and out of the ring. Even with poor performances and vulgar behavior (missing weight and eating tweenkies instead of trying to make weight, the humping of Maidana and the use of deragotory language), it seems that no one has even given him a slap on the hand. To add the cherry on top and inspite of he latest poor performances and vulgar behavior in and out of the ring his management team still finds ways to reward these type of antics by giving him seven figure paydays. So if you carefully look at Broner’s situation, why should he try to clean up his image and amp up his boxing career when he’s still makes hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions? 

If Adrien Broner starts taking his boxing career seriously he could be a real force in the division. If not, he needs to worry about AB “after boxing” because his career could come to a screeching halt. After his loss to Shawn Porter you could tell he didn’t care at all that he lost the fight. A fighter that doesn’t care if he loses has no drive or heart and in this sport heart is a valuable commodity. So Adrien do yourself a favor and be more “About Boxing,” and less “About Billions.” 

Thanks for reading and being a fan of the sweet science.

Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers- I am a fan turned writer, turned Founder of Heavy Bag Boxing. My hope is to see a new golden era of boxing come about for my sons to enjoy.