The Great Western Forum Will Host GGG and Chocolatito Gonzalez

Inglewood, CA.- With all its great history within the sport of boxing, the once mythical Great Western Forum, will once again be home to, what it’s expected to be, a great night of boxing. In a week from today, Gennedy Golovkin ( 32-0, 29 KO) defends his WBA, interim WBC middleweight title against the Cuban American and Boxino champion, Willie Monroe Jr. ( 19-1, 16 KO). 

This fight will surely be a class of styles, as GGG poses a relentless forward pressure fighting style and Monroe will be the classic and crafty Cuban boxing style. Usually in the sport of boxing, the boxer will always have the better odds when facing pressure fighters. In this instance, however, the “pressure fighter,” GGG is not your typical pressure fighter. GGG is a fighter that is patient, knows how to put his punches together, and has devastating power. For this reason, GGG will always have the slightest edge in any fight. Monroe has good boxing skills and will use the ring in his favor, but the issue here is that so far, GGG has shown to cut the ring fairly easy. This fight without a doubt will be a great competitive fight for how ever long it may last. 

As the co-feature bout, the Forum will host one of the hottest little giants in the sport of boxing since Michael Carbajal and Chiquita Gonzalez. Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez (42-0, 36 KO) will defend his WBC flyweight title agains the season Mexican veteran in Edgar Sosa (51-8, 30 KO). This will be “Chocolatito’s” HBO and states debut and surely the fans will be treated to an exciting boxing match.

If you live in the LA area make sure to head down to the mythical Great Western Forum or tune into HBO in what will sure be a great night of boxing. 

Till Next Time,

Rudy “Ruthless” Gutierrez