Canelo-Kirkland Predictions and Hype Video

After the Mayweather-Pacquiao mega fight didn’t live up to expectations, in steps Canelo Alvarez versus James Kirkland to remind fans how exciting the sport of boxing can truly be. Make no mistake about it this fight will be a war for however long it lasts. Here is our expert opinions on how we see this fight going.

“Canelo vs Kirkland is a fight that I personally have been waiting for. Sure this fight should have taken place  a couple years ago, however, this fight has all the ingredients to be a great fight, possibly even a candidate for fight of the year. Kirkland’s come forward style along with the boxer/puncher style that Canelo has we can possibly see an action packed fight. I think this will be the first fight where we possibly see Canelo hit the canvas. Ever since that famous Cotto right hand that wobbled Canelo several years ago, many have questioned Canelo’s chin. Who better to willfully test that chin none other than James Kirkland? 

Between both fighters it is evident that Canelo is the more skillful fighter with the better experience. He’s faced Trout, Lara, and pound for pound king Mayweather. At the end of a tough, and possibly gruesome fight, Canelo should get a late round, maybe 9th round TKO. Canelo is able to box efficiently, and Kirkland will miss a lot. This will be crucial, along with Canelo’s well placed combination punches. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a dangerous fight for both pugilists, but I think that Canelo’s skills will be more than enough to get Kirkland out in 9 rounds.” -Rudy Gutierrez 

“After struggling recently against two of the best technical boxers in the game (Floyd Mayweather and Erislandy Lara), Canelo Alvarez must be drooling at this matchup with the powerful but limited James Kirkland. Kirkland has spent his career being a beast in the ring, known for his ability to never get tired while relentlessly attacking his opponent.  Kirkland is 32-1, with the only loss coming to Nobuhiro Ishida when he decided against having his long time trainer, Ann Wolfe, train him.  Kirkland once again has decided to not work with Wolfe, and I suspect the fire that usually propels him to victory will be absent.  Canelo will attack very much like he did two fights ago, when he KO’d Alfredo Angulo in Round 10.  If Kirkland still has his big heart and strong will, I think he can make it 12 rounds before losing to Canelo.  Without Wolfe, however, I think his heart might not be in it.  My Prediction:  Canelo Alvarez TKO 9.” – Ron Buckner/@RonBuckner

“This Saturday true boxing fans are going to be treated to a classic slug fest. James Kirkland is a beast to handle. It is my prediction that he will be just that for approximately two rounds. After the first few rounds I believe Canelo’s talent will take over and dominate the fight. Kirkland’s defensive woes will show in full effect and Canelo will get the fight stopped before the 8th round. I’m predicting a 7th round KO or TKO for Canelo Alvarez.” – Robert Alexander

“I always thought if these two were to meet that Kirkland would stop Canelo. However, him leaving long time trainer Ann Wolfe scares me a little. Especially considering the one fight he has had without Wolfe he lost to a feather fisted opponent. All things considered though, Kirkland looks in shape and ready to go. Canelo has yet to face such a powerful puncher and I’m not sure he is up to the challenge. Kirkland threw well over 600 punches in just six rounds in his last fight. If he can put up similar numbers there is no way he loses. Canelo is definitely the better all around fighter but I feel Kirkland’s will, his power and his pressure will just be too much for Canelo. I expect a mid to late round stoppage for James Kirkland.” – Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers- I am a fan turned writer, turned Founder of Heavy Bag Boxing. My hope is to see a new golden era of boxing come about for my sons to enjoy.