Is Manny Pacquiao sparring with Guillermo Rigondeaux?

Multiple sources have came forward reporting that Cuban Olympic gold medalist, Guillermo Rigondeaux, has been sparring with Manny Pacquiao in preparation for Floyd Mayweather on May 2. Shortly after that those rumors were denied by Freddie Roach but he refused to name sparring partners due to Al Haymon (Mayweather’s advisor) is paying them more to stay at home and not train with Pacquiao.

If Pacquiao is indeed sparring with Rigondeaux, he really couldn’t have found a better person to mimic Floyd Mayweather. True Mayweather outweighs Rigondeaux by about 25 pounds but no one else could come close to mimicking his speed, defense, countering ability and over skill. Basically, sparring with Rigondeaux is the next best thing to sparring Mayweather himself.

Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers- I am a fan turned writer, turned Founder of Heavy Bag Boxing. My hope is to see a new golden era of boxing come about for my sons to enjoy.