Kovalev Krushes His Way Through Hopkins


Lets be honest, what we saw last night was the unexpected. It is true that for the build up of this fight, Bernard Hopkins vs Sergey Kovalev, boxing experts were in a way split as to who would win this fight. But how Kovalev made this an “easy pickings” was not foreseen by anyone.

I’ll be honest and I’ll eat by crow on this article; Kovalev proved me wrong as I had Hopkins schooling the heavy footed “one dimensional” Kovalev. I even went as far as predicting a late round stoppage by Hopkins. But boy was I wrong. Kovalev proved that he can be a smart technical fighter when the occasion arises. The way Kovalev fought last night, as Hopkins stated in his post fight interview, made Hopkins fight Kovalev’s fight and was never lured to any of Hopkins’ traps. Kovalev imposed his game plan, dropped Hopkins in the first round, fought at his pace, fought at the distance he wanted to, and lets face it; Kovalev schooled the great Bernard Hopkins.

Ironically, on the flip side of this fight, the man of the night was the man that lost. The demographics of last night; Hopkins’ age seem to over shadow the superb boxing lesson that the student gave to the professor. Sure what Hopkins did last night- survive the entire twelve rounds- was something incredible considering his age (49 years old) and all the shots he took, but that is all Hopkins did. Going in to a boxing fight on survival mode is not really an impressive game plan. I am sorry but to see Hopkins hide in his shell trying to survive for eleven rounds after getting caught and dropped in the first round is not what boxing is about. On the contrary, I give more credit to Hopkins for what he did in the twelfth round where he actually looked as if he was in a fight that he actually wanted to win. So in retrospect to Kovalev’s performance, Hopkins’ age shouldn’t take the away any spot light from Kovalev’s krushing performance.

The last time I checked boxing isn’t a pity sport, so all accolades to the light heavyweight king, Seregy Kovalev. As far as the light heavyweight division goes into 2015, it will be interesting and funny to see how and for how long Al Haymon will protect and have Adonis Stevenson run away from the Krusher. After last nights performance, if Hopkins get a title shot against Stevenson that would be an insult to the sport of boxing.

Till Next Time,
Rudy “Ruthless” Gutierrez


Rodolfo Gutierrez AKA Rudy “Ruthless” Gutierrez- Born and raised in the mean streets of South Central L.A. Been a boxing fan all of my life. My childhood boxing memories are going with my dad to friends houses to watch Julio Cesar Chavez fight. My boxing knowledge comes from training in several gyms here in LA. I have several sparring round as ring experience. I never competed in the sport of boxing, but I love the sport and respect anyone who has the guts to lace up a pair of gloves. I love it so much that I am looking to one day be a boxing trainer and open my very own gym. Aside from reading, watching, and studying boxing, I love watching soccer matches, listening to all genre of music, playing guitar, teaching young children academics, and what I know of the “sweet science.”