The “Ax Man” Nicholas Walters Chopped Down Donaire, is Lomachenko Next?


This past Saturday night, the co-feature bout between nonito Donaire and Nicholas Walters almost stole the spot light from HBO’s “Mexican Style” showdown.

Many boxing experts were split as to who would win this fight, but gave Donaire the slighter edge due to his power, speed, and experience. This writer coincided with the experts, and gave Donaire the slighter edge because of what he had done in the past. Aside from his performance against “El Chacal,” Donaire had been dominating and annihilating his opposition. Even with Walters’ resume in mind, a Donaire victory was a fair assessment. However, a Donaire victory was not what we witness. Boxing is known to many as the “theater of the unexpected,” and Nicholas Walters solidified that saying with his dominant and destructive performance against the Filipino.

This knock out victory proved that Nicholas Walters is a bad man. Not only did Walters used his size and power to his advantage, he also made the necessary adjustments to dictate the fight. As soon as Walters committed to his jab, Donaire found himself in a world of trouble. Walters also made the right choice and decided not to “hook with a hooker,” which proved that he stuck to a gameplan, and by doing so it paid its dividends.

Rumors prior to this fight suggested that the winner of this bout would face Vasyl Lomachenko. For Lomachenko’s sake, hopefully these are just rumors because a fight against Walters at this stage in his career is an extremely dangerous fight. Vasyl had a superb amateur career winning multiple Olympic gold medals, but professional boxing is an entire different monster at an entire different level. If Lomachenko does get in the ring with Walters, his career will remind me of Fernando Vargas, whose career was handled on the fast track and proved to be a mistake by facing Trinidad and De La Hoya at an early stage of his career. Hopefully young Ukraine sensation has a management team behind him that can and will make the right moves in his young and short career.

Who ever Nicholas Walters faces next in the featherweight division will definitely be an interesting fight. I for one would love to watch a showdown between Walters and Jhonny Gonzalez. Without a doubt, this knock out victory was the win that Walters needed to catapult his career in the right direction. Now it just a matter of time to see what the “ax man” has to offer to the world of boxing.

Till Next Time,
Rudy “Ruthless” Gutierrez


Rodolfo Gutierrez AKA Rudy “Ruthless” Gutierrez- Born and raised in the mean streets of South Central L.A. Been a boxing fan all of my life. My childhood boxing memories are going with my dad to friends houses to watch Julio Cesar Chavez fight. My boxing knowledge comes from training in several gyms here in LA. I have several sparring round as ring experience. I never competed in the sport of boxing, but I love the sport and respect anyone who has the guts to lace up a pair of gloves. I love it so much that I am looking to one day be a boxing trainer and open my very own gym. Aside from reading, watching, and studying boxing, I love watching soccer matches, listening to all genre of music, playing guitar, teaching young children academics, and what I know of the “sweet science.”