Kovalev destroys Caparello in 2. Now Prepares for Hopkins in November


This Saturday in Atlantic City, Sergey “The Krusher” Kovalev (25-0-1, 23 KO’s) quickly disposed of Blake Caparello (19-1-1, 6 KO’s) by a second round knockout.

In the first round, Caparello knocked Kovalev down in what seemed to be more of a trip than an actual knockdown. Either way, the knockdown counted, which made it the second time that Kovalev hit the canvas in his career.

Sensing that he needed to turn up the intensity, Kovalev came straight out and cornered Caparello against the ropes. Kovalev then began teeing off on Caparello with stiff right hands. After landing a few straight right’s to the head, he landed a devastating straight right to the liver that sent Caparello crumpling to the canvas in agony.

Caparello bravely made it to his feet, only to be charged and overwhelmed with flurries by Kovalev. Caparello then gave Kovalev the hand motion signifying, “come on”, and that’s exactly what Kovalev did, landing another huge right hand that brought Caparello to one knee for the second time in the fight.

Caparello again managed to make it to his feet, however, went straight into retreat mode back to the corner. Kovelev then landed another one-two combination followed by another monstrous right hand and left hook, which forced referee, Sparkle Lee, to step in and stop the fight.

With there being a rumor of a fight in November between Kovalev and Bernard Hopkins, HBO’s Max Kellerman had the two face off in the post fight interview. Hopkins was asked why he was running towards the fighter everyone seems to be running away from, Hopkins responded, “I always ran to the fire, not away from the fire. That’s my personality. That’s who I am, and that’s what my career has been built on.” He continued, “I come from an era that’s not the era of today.”

After the face off and all the speculation, Golden Boy Promotions and Main Events has announced today, August 4th, that a fight between Sergey Kovalev and Bernard Hopkins is officially “set in stone,” and will take place this November on HBO.

Even if you may not be a fan of Hopkins, one has to commend him for doing what most fighters wouldn’t. Even with all the skills in the world, Hopkins is two months shy of his fiftieth birthday. On another note, this fight will be an official “welcome back,” to the HBO network for a Golden Boy Promotion fighter. Could this signify as a step forward in ending boxing’s “Cold War?”

So, what do you think boxing fans? Will Hopkins defeat father time again? Will Hopkins continue to boast his alien status? Or, Can Kovalev be the first one to knock Bernard Hopkins out?



Hector Gomez- A Mexican-American boxing enthusiast from Tennessee with an enthusiastic opinion on the sweet science.