Rigondeaux Gets 1st Round KO But Was It A Cheap Shot?

This past Saturday, Guillermo Rigondeaux, successfully defended his junior featherweight titles against Sod Kokietgym but it may have ended up being more of a loss for him. After a accidental clash of heads, Kokietgym went down. After he made it to his feet and recuperated he went to touch gloves. After they touched gloves Rigondeaux followed up with a immediate combination which knocked him out in the first round.

Rigondeaux is already having issues with not being a fan friendly fighter and HBO doesn’t want to have him on air. Hence why he wasn’t shown on the HBO2 portion of the card. This somewhat “of a cheap shot” will only further exile himself from where he wants to be. Some don’t believe it was dirty but above is a video of the fight, so watch it and tell us what you think.

Lucas Biggers

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