Who wins Pacquiao-Bradley 2? Here is our thoughts


It’s fight week! It’s always exciting whenever you get two pound for pound fighters in the ring but throw in some drama, redemption and revenge and you got yourself the recipe for a super fight. Our staff definitely didn’t all agree on how we saw this weekend going but here is some of our predictions.

“In their first fight, I saw Manny win the fight 8-4. The fight was close and competitive and when I rewatched, I saw manny win 7-5. Bradley fought an intelligent fight but I gave Manny the edge for being the aggressor and dictating the fight. When it comes down to Manny, like I’ve said in the past, in my opinion, he is only relevant to the sport if he ever fights Floyd. Manny did his thing, is a living legend, but I think it’s time for a new “super star.” Bradley has the skills and the heart to be that “future star,” and for that matter I’m picking Bradley. Fight will be competitive, but Bradley is hungrier than ever and will make Manny rethink his future in boxing.”

“Everyone keeps saying Pacquiao needs to get back his “Killer Instinct” but he never really had it. Manny has always been a compassionate guy. He almost single handedly ruined Margarito’s career but he was looking at the ref multiple times and pulling some of his punches so he didn’t kill him. After the fight Margarito had to have surgery to repair a fractured right eye socket. remember this is a Manny Pacquiao that doesn’t have his “Killer Instinct”. With that being said, I believe Bradley will die in the ring before he goes through what he did in their first fight again. He wants the world to know he is the better man. I also believe he will be able to make some adaptations for Manny and make this a close fight. A close fight will not be enough for Bradley, he will have to dominant or knock him out to win and I don’t see that happening. So I see Bradley losing or possibly even getting screwed out of a close decision.”

“In this fight I believe this will be the grudge match we all been waiting for. It will showcase the will of Manny against the boxing of Bradley. Much talk has been about the botch decision in the first fight but I feel there will be none in this fight. Manny in my opinion lost the killer instinct and will lose a close decision. I have Bradley by unanimous decision.”

How do you boxingheads see this fight going? Please drop us a line with your predictions.

Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers- I am a fan turned writer, turned Founder of Heavy Bag Boxing. My hope is to see a new golden era of boxing come about for my sons to enjoy.