Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Masterminded Attack of 2 Employees


Early Wednesday morning, TMZ broke a story that Floyd Mayweather Jr. allegedly masterminded a savage attack on two of his employees. Apparently, Floyd suspected these two men of stealing some of his jewelry. TMZ reports that the two men states they were asked to meet up with Floyd. When they arrived they were greeted by Mayweather himself and some of his entourage, whom proceeded to brutally beat them with a variety of weapons.

Both men had reportedly suffered broken arms and legs and had to remain hospitalized for days. TMZ reported that the charges for this attack could amount to mayhem, kidnapping, and worst of all attempted murder for the pound for pound king.

Keep in mind fans that this is still a DEVELOPING story and may or may not pan out to much. Keep tuned into The Heavy Bag for all your breaking news.

To read full story from TMZ go here http://m.tmz.com/#Article/2014/03/12/floyd-mayweather-kidnapping-brutal-beating-suspected-jewelry-heist

Lucas Biggers

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