Chavez-Golovkin possible for July 19th


What is sure to be an exciting, if not “fight of the year,” candidate, is all but signed between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. The fight is now currently slated to take place on July 19, 2014 to avoid potential viewer issues with the June 12 and July 13 FIFA World Cup of Soccer.

In a interview with one of Golovkin’s handlers, Tom Loeffler stated, “With Chavez, we’ve been in contact with Top Rank and that’s a fight that Gennady has always been interested in and from what Top Rank says, it’s one that Chavez is interested in.” Loeffler continued, “So when you have two fighters wanting to fight each other, usually, all of the details can be worked out. So that’s the process we’re involved in right now. It’s just about working out the details to see if we can make the fight happen.” Loeffler added, “One thing that we want to stress is that we’ve agreed to the 168-pound fight for Chavez. But Gennady is a small middleweight and after this fight, he plans to go back down to 160 to prove that he’s the best middleweight. But one of the stipulations for this fight with Chavez was to fight at 168.”

The fight being set at 168 lbs definitely benefits Chavez Jr. He struggled to make 160 and struggled to make his first 168 pound limit against Brian Vera. I also agree with Loeffler, Golovkin is a small middleweight and the 168 pound limit makes this fight more interesting. We all know Gennady has grenades for hands at 160 but would his power translate at 168 pounds? From what I have seen in Golovkin, I believe he would still have power on his side. Chavez will also have a 3 inch advantage in height and in reach, but luckily for Golovkin, Chavez doesn’t like to use his height. He loves to mix it up on the inside and that is exactly what Golovkin wants.

This fight will most definitely be a fight fan type of fight. Once fight is signed and made official, ti’ll be boxing’s indestructible chin versus an unstoppable force. Team Chavez Jr. or Team GGG, who are you with?

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Lucas Biggers

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