Stiverne awaits title match and will join us on Tough Talk Tuesday


When Vitali Klitschko that he was finally retiring, the WBC mandated a title fight between two of its top rated heavyweights, No. 1 Stiverne and No. 2 Arreola. Stiverne already beat Arreola back in April 2013 by way of a unanimous decision. “I believe that good things happen to those who wait,” Stiverne said. “I also believe that one of my best qualities is to be patient for things that I want and care about in life, especially if I’m putting in work at 110-percent.

“I am not disappointed that I won’t be fighting Klitschko. All I care about right now is to get my hands on that green belt and to be the first Haitian heavyweight champion of the world. I have the best team in boxing to take care of this matter. It is not my concern about where or when. My job is to be ready when the time and date comes.”

“Although we’ve been patiently waiting,” Stiverne’s manager Camille Estephan (Eye Of The Tiger Management) noted, “we have not been sitting idle. Bermane has been hard at work, perfecting his skills and abilities, and his time waiting has been an investment. We will show that the sacrifice in efforts during that time has, without doubt, produced the best heavyweight in the world. Bermane is eager to show that in his upcoming performance.”

Listen in to what Stiverne has to say about his long awaited and deserved title fight on Tough Talk Tuesday this week. The show starts January 7th at 8pm pacific/11pm eastern, just click the link below.

Lucas Biggers

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