Mike Jimenez- “I’m coming for blood”


In this current day and age, fighters are in this mind frame that they have to remain undefeated and end up taking the easy road. That can not said about Mike “Hollywood” Jimenez. His last time out Jimenez put his undefeated record on the line against the tough veteran Derrick “Superman” Findley. It was a amazing fight that ended in controversy. Findley tested positive for a banned substance and the fight ended up being a no contest. We caught up with Hollywood for a short interview.

“The Findley Fight was fun, tough, and yes, a learning experience. There’s a number of things I could say that I need to change, like my Jab. In the Findley fight I wasn’t using it like the weapon it can be.” Jimenez continued “Also the way the ring was controlled. I learned that I could hang in there with a super tough guy, and go to war if I have too, there’s no quit in me, I’ll always be coming ready for war. The fight was in my grasp, but that’s how you learn, from tough outings.”

Lately it seems like a uppercut is a lost art form but Jimenez has his own signature “Hollywood uppercut” and finds regular success with it. When we asked Mike about it he replied “Ha, yeah, the uppercut has been a great punch for me. To be honest I’m not sure, it kinda just developed over time. It wasn’t anything I tried to work on in the gym, but I just found it as a nice punch to slip in there. My Trainer Pete George saw that it became kind of “go to” punch that I would slip in, and he helped it a bit as well.”

Normally, Jimenez stays in his home of Chicago for his training camps but he was able to go to LA and train in the famous Wild Card gym. “Wow, it was such a Great Experience. Ernie Zavala, and Freddy Roach invited me to make the trip and with the help of some family and sponsors, I got to make it out to LA. The first couple days, I was kind of being watched over and observed, so I did my best, worked hard, and got help little by little. Ernie was a great help out there, being with me at all times and guiding me through different technique and pad work. When Freddy Roach told me he wanted to do pads with me for the first time, I was so humbled, and it felt so great to get the opportunity. We went through about 8-10 rounds of pad work, and a lot of little details, that made the biggest difference. The man is a great boxing mind, and was super cool with me. Got to sparr with some big name guys, and even got a standing ovation from the whole Gym after the final bell rang one day, those memories I’ll never forget, was a great experience, and a great couple weeks. They want me to come back out, and I’ll be back.”

Not only does Hollywood have a fight this Friday, January 31 but he will also fight again on February 28th. We asked Jimenez if he was at all concerned about how close together his fights were. “Yeah, two fights so close isn’t really ideal, but I asked Hitz, and I want to knock them out. Last year I actually fought twice in two weeks! My hand actually got a little banged up from that, but I’m confident in this first fight ending before the final bell. I’m hoping as always to come out healthy, and get back in the gym with my team and ready for February.”

Jimenez made it clear he will not let Skylar Thompson get in his way. “I got some tension built up, and after my last fight, I’m ready to get past it and put on another great show for my fans. I’ve gotten great sparring for this fight, and it will show.” Hollywood continued “I’ll be coming out to hurt him right away, he’ll find out who this Hollywood kid is real quick. He switches, and moves a lot, and I’m not going to allow him to get cute with me. I’m coming for blood.”

Although his nick name is “Hollywood”, he is a very humble fighter, who always has time for his fans. He wanted to leave this sentiment for his supporters. “I’d like to thank all my Fans, Friends, and Family who always have my back, and who always support me. I’d Like to thank my sponsors, for always being there for me, and id like to let Chicago know Hollywood is fighting back in my town, so be ready for a great show! Also be ready for a great year from Team Boom, Donovan George and I, as he fights February 7th! We will make some noise as always. I’m always very appreciative of all the love and support!

Thanks for reading and being a fan of the sweet science.

Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers- I am a fan turned writer, turned Founder of Heavy Bag Boxing. My hope is to see a new golden era of boxing come about for my sons to enjoy.