Kovalev Crushes Sillakh & Wants Stevenson


Sillakh started the fight really well by keeping Kovalev at a distance, constantly moving and using his speed on the outside. However, Kovalev quickly made adjustments and started working the body to slow him down. In the second round Sillakh tried to lead with a left hook but Kovalev timed him and landed a big straight right hand that floored Sillakh. To my surprise Sillakh made it to his feet, that small victory would be short lived. Kovalev rushed him and landed a flush right left combination knocking Sillakh unconscious. I was seriously worried for him. When he came to he crawled under the ropes, clearly not knowing where he was.

During the post fight interview Max Kellerman asked Kovalev how he did measure Sillakh for the right hand. Kovalev responded with “I don’t know, I just did it. This is just a result of my hard work in the gym and it was automatic. I hope I put a really really big gap between me and Sillakh.” Max continued by asking Kovalev who he wanted to fight next. Kovalev replied “I’m open for any fight, you know, that my promoter can offer for me. I’m ready for Adonis Stevenson. I’m ready for any champion in my division.” Relentless for a better answer, Max then asked if you can fight anyone who would it be? A big grin slowly came onto Kovalev’s face as he simply said “Adonis.”

There you have it! Clearly HBO wants Kovalev vs Stevenson. Kovalev wants it but does Stevenson? We will have to wait and see.

Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers- I am a fan turned writer, turned Founder of Heavy Bag Boxing. My hope is to see a new golden era of boxing come about for my sons to enjoy.