Glen Tapia: “He [Kirkland] tries to intimidate guys and he’s not going to do that over here”


The Heavy Bag Team: How’s training going Glen?

Glen Tapia: Real good, real good actually. I’m actually beat right now but it was kind of hard day today so just kind of relaxing now.

HB: So weights on course?

GT: I’m always good with my weight, I’m always a couple pounds heavier about 160s not too much more. I’m always in shape tho.

HB: This is the first fight on HBO do you feel extra pressure to make it entertaining as well as to win?

GT: No pressure. If you see me fight man I go in there entertaining, that’s every fight. I don’t care if I fight with nobody’s watching or if I fight when everybody’s watching. I like entertaining. Just a little pressure for entertaining though I hate being in a fight. Just more excited than anything I guess.

HB: Going into your fight with Kirkland one thing that’s known about him is that he goes down early in his fights. Are you planning on jumping on him right away and capitalizing on that flaw that he has and try to get him out of there early?

GT: I really don’t know. It don’t matter, it could go a lot of ways. It could go early, it could be me boxing him or it could go me going at it with him the whole time. I’m going to be ready for everything. I don’t know which James Kirkland’s coming. He always comes the same. That’s what everybody says oh he has a long way off I feel like a guy like this doesn’t really matter he fights coming in. It’s not like it’s a guy with a bunch of crazy skills and boxes so much that he can get rusty.

HB: What do you feel you need to beat James Kirkland?

GT: I don’t know. I’m going to see in the first round. First you need to be in shape because he does come in shape and after that you can beat him with skills or can beat him by pushing him back. He tries to intimidate guys and he’s not going to do that over here.

HB: A lot of people say they don’t watch tape. Have you been watching a lot of tape James Kirkland or do you plan on adapting in the ring?

GT: No I actually did, I watched a couple. It’s stupid not to watch it everybody watches it really but they just don’t want to tell you that I guess people will think they are scared but it’s stupid tho. You have tape there why not use it, why not see it. See what he does every time not his mistakes but what he’s used to. Like what he does all the time. It’s good to watch it.

HB: How do you match Kirkland’s intensity?

GT: You can’t have a bad day with a guy like that. Have to be on point because if you have a bad day he’s going to come and come at you and put pressure on you. Before I used to love his style, I used to watch him. I love how he fights but I’m fighting him so I understand what I have to do. How do I match him? I don’t know, I guess I’ll show you guys.

HB: Another thing he is known for his controversy. Are you at all worried about anything happening prior to the fight to jeopardize the fight?

GT: I hope, I just hope. Me personally I hope he just stays out of trouble and he is on weight that’s the main thing. I wish he’s on weight and there’s no bullshit with that. Thats what I hope for but besides that man, God bless him. It’s real hard out there. I don’t really know his personal stuff but it’s real hard and I don’t know his personal life so I’m not going to put too much into that that. I just say God bless him because we’re all friends at the end of the day this is a real hard sport to be in. As for me I take it serious, I take it real serious. I feel like he doesn’t. He has a opportunity so much people would kill for, even me. People love him and he is in a spot people would literally kill to be in. That work even harder than him and he isn’t taking advantage if it. He isn’t taking advantage of it at all. He doesn’t appreciate where he is at and I don’t like that at all I trying real hard for this and I know millions and millions of people. Fighters would kill to be in his position, they are real good and train real hard every day and he isn’t taking advantage of the opportunity that he has.

HB: I know that you did some sparring sessions with Manny Pacquiao and I’m just wondering how those went?

GT: It was actually great sparring. We did like 6 to 7 rounds with him 3 times a week.

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