Weigh In Results for “The One”


The weigh in for “The One” was the biggest event so far leading up to this fight. They opened up the full MGN Grand and packed the house just for the weigh in. This was the largest crowd for a weigh in I have ever seen. They brought out the combatants with a ring walk to the ring. Danny and Angel Garcia strolled their way to the stage with hip hop playing in the background. Matthysse, as usual looked straight, ahead barely tipping his head to the crowd. Matthysse just wants to let his fists do the talking when they meet in the ring. Canelo looked ready as he embraced the crowd. The crowd seemed to favor Canelo. Then there was Floyd Mayweather. This is his house and even he looked around in awe. The only thing worth mentioning besides Canelo making weight, was Danny Garcia almost coming in a half pound over. Angel had them tip the scales and the his son made the weight without dropping his pants. The las note I will leave the fans with is Canelo’s last statement. When asked if he was ready, without a blink he said “I was born ready.” Here are the weights from the weigh in.

Lucas Matthysse-140 pounds even

Danny Garcia-140.5 took a second weigh in and made 140 even.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez-152 pounds even.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather-150.5 pounds.


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