New IBF Champ Carlos Molina Wants Canelo or Cotto Next


As I predicted, Carlos Molina returns to Chicago a champion. Molina was declared the winner of the IBF junior middleweight championship, Saturday night, by scoring a split decision over Ishe Smith. The new champ is very happy but he isn’t stopping there. He has his eyes set on higher competition. “Now that I’m home, I want to start defending my belt right away, before the end of the year if possible.” Molina continued, “I want Canelo Alvarez or (Miguel) Cotto next. Beating either of those guys is the fastest way to Floyd Mayweather, so that’s who I want to fight.” If Cotto can pull out a win against Delvin Rodriguez on October 5th, then Molina just might get what he wants. The most realistic fight I see for Molina would be Cotto, he is trying to get another championship and now with Molina holding one that fight is a strong possibility.

Leon Margules (Molina’s promoter) speaks of his pride in Molina saying, “First let me say congratulations to a fighter who works hard every day and didn’t let anything get him down for years. Carlos truly deserves this belt and I am every bit as happy for him as he is. What a great story his climb up the rankings has been.” Margules continued, “Carlos is the only world champion in the 154-lb division right now who is not named Floyd Mayweather. If a Canelo or a Cotto want to leverage a world championship into another Floyd fight, they have to go through Carlos… only our guy has something for either one of them if they try it. Carlos will use them to get himself to the front of the line for Floyd.”

The Molina team sounds very confident that they can win if they manage to land the fight with either Cotto or Canelo. Say what you will about Molina but he always comes into the fight with a good gameplan and has a great work ethic. Should Cotto win next month I believe we will see Cotto/Molina early 2014. Remember you heard it hear first. Congratulations on your winning Carlos Molina, you deserve it!

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Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers

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