Liakhovich is Protesting KO Loss to Deontay Wilder


The former heavyweight champ Sergei Liakhovich is protesting the KO loss that he suffered to Deontay Wilder back on August 9th. The protest is claiming the punches landed on him were illegal because they landed behind the ear and on the back of the head. (see picture above) From the sound of it Liakhovich is confident the commission will not only overturn the decision into a no contest but that he can win a rematch.

“I am confident that the California State Athletic Commission operates at a high level of professionalism and will not stand for Wilder’s illegal tactics and change the decision to ‘No Contest'”, Liakhovich said. “Video and pictures support what really happened. It is illegal to hit behind the ear, on the back of the neck, and on the back of the head. Since when is swinging your hands anyway you want called boxing? How can Wilder be proud of this kind of win? I understand that everybody in America is looking for a new star but he is not it. My goal is to get a rematch with Wilder and fight him according to the rules of boxing.”

I’m not sure the decision will actually get overturned. If you look at Tyson Fury’s elbow tactic against Steve Cunningham that seems just as bad or worse and that decision was never overturned. We will keep you all update as this story progresses.

Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers

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