Gabriel Rosado speaks on possible fight Trout, Quillin, Golovkin vs Stevens & more on Tough Talk Tuesday!


On last week’s Tough Talk Tuesday, The Heavy Bag team conversed with Middleweight contender Gabriel “King” Rosado over a topics ranging from the controversy with the fight against J’Leon Love, his potential match ups with Austin Trout or Peter Quillin, GGG vs. Stevens, and what the future holds for him the rest of the year. Here is what he had to say.

Heavy Bag Team- As you know, a couple of weeks ago we had Austin Trout on the show, and he did show interest in fighting you. We were wanting to know is that something you were looking to take on?

Gabriel Rosado- I think that when it comes to the fighters, I think anyone is willing to fight anybody. And I know Trout has said he is willing to fight me, and I’m willing to fight him, but I think at the end of the day it’s the managers and promoters that call the shots. So I don’t think it’s a fight that the managers or promoters would want to make. I don’t think it’s a fight that’s possible any time soon

Heavy Bag Team- That’s bad to hear, but I do understand what you mean by that, promotions always come first.

Gabriel Rosado- It’s just the bullshit politics in boxing at the end of the day. I think the big names in terms of the politics in boxing are the ones that kind of ruin it for the fans. You know a fight with me and Trout of course would be a great fight. I think it’s a fight that fans would watch. it’s a fight that would sell out wherever it would be at. You know, for whatever reason they just want to pick and choose who they want the fighters fighting.

Heavy Bag Team- You just got done fighting Love. Everybody thinks you got screwed anyway. Then you hear that he tested positive for the diuretic. What did you think when you heard that, is it someone you want a rematch with or after all that you just say the hell with it?

Gabriel Rosado- You know this is a business right, if the numbers were right and they were wanting to pay me something worth taking, then of course business wise. But personally I really don’t care about a rematch. I feel like the fans knew I won the fight and when I took the fight with Love, I took the fight with the mindset that this fight was gonna put me in a situation to get a bigger fight. When I fought Love it was just to put me in position to fight for a world title or you know a bigger name. It wasn’t to fight again. But everything played out the way it did. I think with all the controversy with him failing the drug test. Me not getting the decision, it makes it a build up for the rematch, but personally I don’t care for a rematch unless it makes sense business wise.

Heavy Bag Team- Yeah, I couldn’t believe it, you definitely should have been ahead two or three rounds, to hear about the diuretics, that was just nuts.

Gabriel Rosado- One thing I wanted to say about that. Love made a lot of excuses about why he was on the diuretics, one of his reasons, you know I don’t want to say this or push the subject, but he said it was hard for him to focus because he had lost his brother. And you know that’s terrible. At the same time I lost my step father, who raised me since I was 12 years old. It was like a week apart. So you know we both went into training camp with heavy hearts. I had to deal with the funeral and he had to deal with those things too. So he said it was difficult for him to make the weight and it was one of his reasons. But I kinda was on the same boat, I just feel like if it was that hard for him he shouldn’t have taken the fight, some people take tragedy different, maybe it was too hard for him to get there mentally, I kinda used my stepfathers loss as a motivation, it was very difficult, but you know everyone’s different.

Heavy Bag Team- I understand you have a good relationship with your trainer Billy Briscoe. Can you tell us how your relationship is with your trainer?

Gabriel Rosado- Me and Billy is like family. I started boxing at 18, the guy that was running the gym told me I was too old, so I walked away discouraged. For whatever reason, Billy went running behind me, caught up to me in the street, tapped me in the back and told me to just come back the next day. So I showed up and ever since man me and Billy have just been together. So its kinda crazy that it played out like that.

Heavy Bag Team- Is there anything in particular that you learned from either of your losses?

Gabriel Rosado- You know the thing is, I started boxing late. I only had eleven amateur fights. So I started boxing at 18 and turned pro at 19. So I pretty much was just learning on the job. I’ve always had a job through my whole career. The first time I no longer had to work was when I fought Sechew Powell. When I fought Soto Karass I was working the graveyard shift. Like training for guys like that Angulo, ten round fights, I’m bustin my ass working, things like that were just crazy. I think all the adversity with my losses, everything I had to go through in my life makes me the fighter I am today. I just never lost confidence in myself. I think I’m getting better man. I think I’m entering my prime.

Heavy Bag Team- There’s a lot of other fights you’re being talked about in. Is there a match up out there like Quillin, or Miguel Cotto. Is there a fight out there that interests you?

Gabriel Rosado- I would of loved to of fought Cotto, but he’s fighting Delvin Rodriguez. That didn’t work out. They offered me Kid Chocolate, you know Kid Chocolate is a guy I respect. We did camp together when he was training to fight Winky Wright. I was training to fight Sechew Powell. We both saw each other’s work ethic, so we have respect for each others fight game. It’s a fight I think fans would love to see. I’m just not pleased with what the offer was, the offer I think was just too low to fight Kid. I feel like it was an insult. A lot of people say well just take the fight with Kid, it just doesn’t work that way. It’s a business. What’s to happen if I beat Kid and I don’t get the decision? What happens to my career? So you have to think financially and business wise. You have to be smart.

Heavy Bag Team- How confident do you feel you could win a decision or even possibly knockout Quillin?

Gabriel Rosado- I punch hard enough where I could knock anybody out. Kid has power as well. I mean look at what happened to Abner, I mean no one expected that right? Anything could happen. Like Pacquiao against Marquez, no one saw that coming. If the knockout doesn’t happen, it goes to the scorecards, and a lot of times the Champion is favored. Especially a Champion managed by Al Haymon. You know what I mean? So whose really gonna get the leverage there. It’s definitely not gonna be me. It’s a fight that financially wasn’t worth taking the chance. You know Kid Chocolate is not an easy fight. I’m not an easy fight for Kid as well. The fighters in there puttin’ his health on the line. I feel like I’ve paid my dues and I’ve come up the hard way. I just started making some money. I went through all my career not making any money, fighting tough fights like Angulo, Fernando Guerrero, Saul Roman, Kassim Ouma. Fighting these coming up and I wasn’t makin shit! Now I feel like I’ve paid my dues, and I feel that I’ve earned more than they’ve offered me. They’re at 80 grand right now. 80 grand is a lot of money, but not a lot of money when your talking a World Championship fight and against a guy like Kid Chocolate.

Heavy Bag Team- Based on them low ballin’ you with the money, I understand you are a confident man and have confidence in yourself. Do you feel the promoters or the rest of the boxing world respects you?

Gabriel Rosado- Anyone that knows boxing, knows I’m a threat to anybody. I went up to Middleweight to fight the killer of the Middleweight division, GGG right? He’s the Mike Tyson of the Middleweights, right? And I think that turning down my #1 spot at 154, which I didn’t have to do, I had my #1 spot locked down. I was lined up to fight for a world title. I did what no one expected. No one wants to fight GGG, I’ll take it, and I went up not being a full Middleweight. I came in the day I fought GGG at 163. I really wasn’t that big, and I suffered two cuts over the same eye. It was hard to see, I was getting hit and I was fighting the fight blind. But you know GGG couldn’t stop me. I was fighting him back and I was hittin’ him with some good shots as well. Guys see that, and they say the kid can fight, he’s tough. Guys at 154, they don’t want to fight me cause they see me standing there with Middleweights. Especially my last fight with J’Leon Love, who came in at 180 lbs., and I dropped him in the sixth. If it was a twelve round fight I feel I would have stopped J’Leon Love. I think promoters do respect me and they understand that I’m not an easy fight. But I feel sometimes these promoters like to take advantage of fighters, kinda low ballin’ them sometimes.

Heavy Bag Team- Right now are you currently a free agent or are you signed to a promotional company?

Gabriel Rosado- I’ve been a free agent for five years. That’s the funny thing, no one even knows that. I’ve been doing it off the muscle, just grindin’. I’m just looking for whatever is best for me. Make sure I put myself in the right situation. I’m not just gonna get low balled. I’m not desperate. I made some good money in my last couple of fights. I just want what’s rightfully mine, you know, what I feel I deserve.

Heavy Bag Team- Three years from now, where do you see yourself being in the world of boxing?

Gabriel Rosado- Honestly in my heart, I feel three years from now, I’ll be a world champ with a couple of title defenses. I truly feel I’m beginning to reach my prime. The thing about me is, when I come out of a fight. I study myself. I study my flaws, and work on the little things that make a big difference in a fight. So you never see the same fighter when you see me fight. You always see me getting better. So I feel I’m just gonna continue on to grow.

Heavy Bag Team- Have you contemplated going back down to 154, or are you thinking about staying at 160?

Gabriel Rosado- I don’t have a choice. They don’t want me at 154. I’m probably the biggest fighter at 154 right now. When I moved up to fight GGG, I lost my rankings. So the guys at 154 are not obligated to fight me cause I’m not in the rankings. I’m a big threat to those guys at 154. These guys see me fight a guy like love, who came in 180, see I dropped him and had him hurt a couple of times in the fight. And I’m able to bully him around. These guys are thinking, If he can bully this guy at 180, imagine what he could do at 154. I’d be a lot stronger and bigger. They’re happy I’m at 160, right. I’m fine with that. If I have to stay at 160, I’m gonna do what I gotta and take care of business at this weight class.

Heavy Bag Team- It’s too bad that you lost your ranking there, because that IBF title right now, with Ishe Smith facing Carlos Molina. I’d be interesting in getting the winner of those.

Gabriel Rosado- I see Molina takin that belt off Ishe without a problem. I’m glad Ishe won the title cause he came up the hard way but Molina is gonna outwork Ishe. Ishe can get lazy.

Heavy Bag Team- I guess you can say you and Molina had similar upbringing. Thrown to the wolves so to speak. Both you guys are hardened veterans.

Gabriel Rosado- And I think that’s the best way to move a fighter. I think the mistake that is happening now in boxing is that prospects are being moved and fighting bums. And they are knocking bums out. And when its time for them to fight contenders, they’re not livin up to the expectations.

Heavy Bag Team- GGG fights Stevens. What do you think of that fight?

Gabriel Rosado- Curtis Stevens is talkin’ a lot, you know, he’s talkin’ real crazy right now. GGG like I said, he is the top guy at 160. I think its gonna be real tough to beat GGG. I don’t see it going past three rounds. And I see GGG winning.

Heavy Bag Team- Yeah I mean its going to be a slugfest, first one to land a big shot.

Gabriel Rosado- Its not going to be a slugfest, I think once he feels GGG’s power. Look I went into the GGG fight with the mentality of a Junior Middleweight, and that’s the mistake I made. When I was fighting at Junior Middleweight I was overpowering them with my size. When I went to fight GGG, I made the mistake of a little man and tried to box too much. GGG’s power is real. I think GGG not only can he punch, not only does he have knockout power, but GGG has a chin. He’s never been down.

Heavy Bag Team- What’s next for you?

Gabriel Rosado- I really can’t say much on it. We are getting offers. I’m just patient right now and weighing my options, and just trying to figure out what’s the best move for me. Fans will see me in the ring real soon. By this year, something is definitely in the works. Right now I just have to keep it low key.

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