Danny Garcia Smartly Outboxed Lucas Matthysse in a Showdown


Going into Saturday nights Showtime PPV, “The One,” there was a lot of excitement into seeing how Saul “Canelo” Alvarez would match up against Floyd Mayweather Jr. There was also a feeling that the fight preceding their showdown had the potential to steal the show, and based on the power both fighters possess would potentially produce the knockout of the night. Although the knockout never came, the fight was just as great as expected.

Even though Danny Garcia deserves all the credit in the world for the biggest victory of his career, one also has to note that Angel Garcia played a big part in motivating his son to his victory. In between rounds anytime Danny seemed to be slacking and slowing down, Angel found a way to motivate his son to persevere and come back fighting even stronger than before.

It has been stated before that Danny Garcia is a good all around fighter. He has power in both hands. Even though his left hand can be lazy at times, and has a strong defense. But what we didn’t really know was just how good his chin was. What won Garcia the fight was the fact that he could take Matthysse’s best shots and was not scared of mixing it up with, “The Machine” tonight.

From the beginning of the fight, both fighters were throwing punches with bad intentions. Danny Garcia in round two, started to find his distance and landing home with his left hook. In the first couple of rounds it was Matthysse who was the aggressor- physically, imposing his will, especially when he was able to get Garcia on the ropes. The turning point of the fight came in round seven when a compact left hook brought some swelling to Matthysse’s right eye. At the end of round seven, the swelling definitely seemed to affect the Argentine, who ate a huge one-two combination.

Soon after the swelling accelerated and closed Matthysse’s eye, Garcia took advantage of this consistently finding home with that left hook that Matthysse was virtually blind from. Garcia began taking over the fight, at times landing impressive four punch combinations. Throughout the remaining rounds, Garcia seemed to find the right distance, fighting impressively off the ropes and doing a great job of smothering anything Matthysse attempted.

I round nine was the first time that Lucas “The Machine” Matthysse stopped looking like a machine, and appeared like a worried fighter made of flesh and bone. Although Matthysse continued to pressure and was by no means dead in the fight, he was simply outclassed. Round ten showed off Garcia’s combination punching, with a hard left hook to the head, left hook to the body, and right hook to the head. Round eleven brought the only knockdown of the fight, which came after Garcia landed two big shots that seemed to of pulled Matthysse through the ropes. Garcia landed a few more shots while Matthysse was in the ropes and put him on the canvas.

This magnificent fight ended just the way it needed to end. Both fighters going toe to toe putting everything on the line in an amazing exchange, with the crowd roaring.

Danny “Swift” Garcia showed that he is undoubtedly the #1 Junior Welterweight of the world. Garcia, who plans to move up to the Welterweight division, may finally get the respect he well deserves. With a stacked 147 lb division, multiple match ups are available for the Philly fighter. Boxing is truthfully alive and thriving!

Hector Gomez


Hector Gomez- A Mexican-American boxing enthusiast from Tennessee with an enthusiastic opinion on the sweet science.