Chavez-Vera weight will be a issue


In less than a week, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will make his return against the tough Brian Vera. Initially this fight was set to go earlier this month as a super middleweight bout. Weeks to the initial date, Chavez jr. suffered a small cut on his brow during a sparring session. Many of the usual Jr. critics quickly went on twitter and bashed Chavez jr. as if this was a cover up for not being at a target weight and possibly missing the 168 lb weight limit.

I tried to give Chavez the benefit of the doubt, but when Bob Arum went on an interview and stated that the official weight limit for this fight was not set anymore and that they were considering a catch-weight of 173 lbs, in my eyes, that cut surely did seem to be a “cover up.”

My initial thought was that Chavez Jr. was a disgrace to the sport. A move like that shows disrespect, not just to Vera and the fans who pay their hard earned money, but to everything that boxing stands for. Many people, including pound for pound king and his team say that weight doesn’t matter in boxing, but on the contrary, weight has everything to do with boxing! There’s a reason why we have different weight division! What do you mean, “weight doesn’t matter?”

However, in yesterday’s media workout, surprisingly, Chavez looked in shape! If u see the image in the beginning of this article, Chavez looks like he has been putting out a lot of muscle mass, and wasn’t just eating bowls of cereal while wearing his neon speedos. This still doesn’t take the fact that a fight at 173 lb catch-weight will only benefit Chavez and not Vera. Chavez jr. is known to come fight night weighing up to 190 pounds! Weight will definitely be an issue this Saturday night. Vera will be in trouble, and god may be with him, because I have a feeling that he will get hurt! Chavez is coming to this fight with a point to prove. Sure he is known as a lazy fighter with limited skills, but what he “lacks” in discipline, and boxing IQ, he has in power and chin. I find it hard to see that Vera can actually hurt Chavez, especially with what is sure to be a huge weight difference. I mean, the kid took a beating for 11 and a half rounds from the hands of Martinez, and never appeared to be hurt. That should tell you something!

Till next time,
Rudy “Ruthless” Gutierrez


Rodolfo Gutierrez AKA Rudy “Ruthless” Gutierrez- Born and raised in the mean streets of South Central L.A. Been a boxing fan all of my life. My childhood boxing memories are going with my dad to friends houses to watch Julio Cesar Chavez fight. My boxing knowledge comes from training in several gyms here in LA. I have several sparring round as ring experience. I never competed in the sport of boxing, but I love the sport and respect anyone who has the guts to lace up a pair of gloves. I love it so much that I am looking to one day be a boxing trainer and open my very own gym. Aside from reading, watching, and studying boxing, I love watching soccer matches, listening to all genre of music, playing guitar, teaching young children academics, and what I know of the “sweet science.”