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It is not an everyday thing, coming from an up and coming site like ours, where we get the opportunity to speak to high-profile prize fighters. However, with “hard work and dedication,” anything can be possible. In our past episodes of Tough Talk Tuesday, we have had the opportunity to have great fighters like Perter Quillin, Hank Lundy, Diego Magdaleno, Alfredo Angulo, Daniel Ponce de Leon, and Devon Alexander just to name a few. As boxing fans becoming “boxing scribes,” its sort of difficult not becoming “star struck” at times. Tonight was no different. In tonight’s edition of our growing show, Tough Talk Tuesday, the heavy bag team had the pleasure and honor to speak with a true warrior and gentleman, in and out of the ring, Austin “No Doubt” Trout.

There is no doubt that the Canelo vs Trout fight left more questions than answers. Up to that April date, Austin Trout was Canelo’s biggest test, and many fans had that fight a lot closer, going either way, than the official judges. We began by touching basis with Trout on his experience fighting Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez. “With Canelo, I had more things I had to fight. With Cotto all I had to fight was Cotto. When I fought Canelo there was more than just Canelo, and don’t get me wrong, just fighting Canelo alone was a big task at hand, so, definitely Canelo was the toughest fighter.”

I, myself, had the fight 114-113 in favor of Canelo, where the definitive factor was the knockdown int the 7th round. A fight this close only leave more room for a rematch. For that matter, we asked if Trout was going to be present at the “The One” pay per view event and maybe “stir the waters for a bit” and remind Canelo that Trout wasn’t going anywhere and that a rematch is something that Austin still wants. “Most definitely. I would love to get…shit give me the loser of that fight. You know what I mean, I’ll take the winner or loser of that fight. Most importantly right now, I want to get into my rematch.” Based on the final outcome between Canelo and Trout, a rematch is a must for the simply fact that neither guy, Canelo or Trout, dominated each other and there are scores to be settled between both warriors. Here at the heavy bag, we surely would love to see a rematch, lets just hope Canelo honors this wish by many boxing fans.

Realistically speaking, a rematch between Canelo and Trout seems far-fetched. There is a reason why Canelo’s contract had a rematch clause, where as, Trout’s contract did not. We asked Trout if a match up between him and Rosado was something that interested him? “Most definitely, he (Rosado) is a name that causes a lot of attention and buzz… A win against Rosado would definitely put me right back into it…” Austin sure does have a point here because, stylistically, a fight between Trout and Rosado would definitely be a much more exciting fight than between Trout and Lara. Trout vs Lara would still be a great match up, but might not be for everyone, just like a game of chess is not for everyone.

One of the beauties about the sport of boxing is that it really puts a person to the highest test of their lives. Boxing filters out so much about a person, that it allows you to see the composition of that person. Boxing will expose the character, the fears, the anger, and the demons a person may have. If you have followed Austin’s career, aside from being a superb boxer, it is crystal clear that Trout can be one the nicest and most humble guys in the business. Many boxers tend to get exposed and let their emotions get the best of them. For example, Adrien Broner. This guy, with hand-picked fights to make him look good, act as expresses himself as a “boxing god.” Austin Trout is the total opposite of this. Even coming off a tough defeat, boxing has proved to us that Trout is built with strong values, that not even in the agony of defeat, his composition, as the man who he is, changes. “To be honest, that was my first lost. My family is right there on ringside, and I wanted to throw a fit, like, ‘nah man this is bullshit,’ but to be honest we knew what we were talking into. We knew that the contract was bull, we knew that the judging was bull, we knew that everything was not to our advantage outside the ring, but we still signed up and walked into it because I had that feeling that it didn’t matter what type of handicap they put, I’ m gonna hurt this kid, I felt like I was going to be a superman. And when I didn’t do what I knew I should have done under those circumstances you can’t be mad and complain…” This was exactly what Austin did. He took his loss like a gentleman, even though he more than likely felt like giving hell, but he kept his composure went out with his head up high. That right there is something you have to respect. Shows lots of guts and impeccable character.

We talked a lot more with Austin Trout, his prediction on “The One,” and his future career, if you didn’t get a chance to listen in on our live feed, you can listen to our interview in the link below,

The Heavy Bag team wishes nothing but the best to Austin “No doubt” Trout,

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