Billy Dib Pulls Out The Win Over Mike Oliver

In boxing, a fighters record is more important than the quality of opponents they face. A good record can more times than none lead you to a bigger fight. The top tier fighters in their respective divisions pick opponents based on both, reputation and a clean record. A lot of the times they even stay away from certain fighters because of their reputation. This is most likely the reason we don’t have Danny Garcia vs Lucas Mattysse official yet. So a fighter’s resume is his best chance of getting a top fight on tv or even a world title shot. One single loss on a resume can be devastating. Especially, if that loss comes at a time when you were favored. Fans root for underdogs but promoters don’t. This was the case when Canelo Alvarez was scouting big time opponents in Amir Khan and Miguel Cotto. Both Khan and Cotto loss to heavy underdogs causing Canelo’s managing team to change their mind. This caused a sour reputation of Canelo around the boxing world. Critics all over began to call Canelo protected when really he was witnessing a new guard in boxing. This is why a fighter’s win/loss column is so important. It’s not just your record on the line but your reputation as a fighter.

Friday night on ESPN’s telecast, Billy Dib was coming off a loss in which he lost his title. Before that loss, Dib had a reputation of a fearless boxer. He had been in a lot of fights and only loss once to a top prospect. He had over 34 fights to his resume and was then the IBF Featherweight champ. Dib also had the backing of a new major promotional company headed by popular rapper, 50 Cent. Before the fight, Dib was the featured fighter on ESPN as well. After that fight he walked out the ring without his title and a major dent to his reputation. Not that Dib put on a bad showing, but that his opponent Gradovich was more impressive.

What’s next for Dib was to go back to work and get right back into the title shot. What Dib wants most is that title back and to avenge his last loss to Gradovich. Thus last Friday was the start of that campaign. He faced a game opponent, Mike Oliver. Oliver had done motivation himself and it showed in his performance. Oliver’s reputation showed he has been exposed as a weak chin. Dib failed to exploit that and then took his assault to the body. Possibly trying to win in knockout fashion just like GGG showed against Macklin last Saturday. That didn’t work though as the blow Golovkin landed was legal and Dib’s strayed past the belt line. The low blows earned Dib a 2 point deduction and not a knockout.

Even with that deduction Dib earned a majority decision with two judges having him win decisively, one judge having it even. With judging like this going on every week has me wondering if the judges are all looking on with a different pair if glasses. That’s another discussion, though. Dib made it clear that his main focus is a rematch with Gradovich but there is still plenty of work to do in the gym. My thought is he needs to let 50 Cent take care of the rematch chatter and come up with a better game plan. Dib is still a nice draw in boxing but he is still bothered by that loss and until he gets Gradovich in the ring again he won’t be satisfied. Lets see if 50 can deliver.


Robert “Mister Research” Alexander- I was born in raised in the Midwest in Springfield, IL the capital city. I grew up influenced in the great sport of boxing through my father who idolized the great Muhammad Ali. I then followed the sport on my own and followed the careers of all the great fighters in the late 80′s through today. I have a thirst for knowledge in general and all who are around me would categorize me as a sports junkie. I have aspirations of becoming one of the great journalists of my time and also like to write short stories as well. I’m 32 years young with no kids and my whole life ahead of me.