So, What’s Next for Adrien Broner? Floyd Mayweather Perhaps?


In his last couple of fights, Adrien “The Problem” Broner, has stirred up quit some noise. So much noise that many in the boxing game have gone as far as comparing him to p4p king, Floyd Mayweather. There is no doubt that Broner has skills to one day become p4p material, but to say that he is the “next Floyd,” by his last performances is far fetched! Broner has had problems making weight, has mocked the sport by not making weight, and for that matter, Broner is light years away from being the “next Floyd.” Floyd by that age was a supreme professional and had already fought the late Genaro “Chicanito” Hernandez, Carlos “Famoso” Hernandez, and the late Chico Corrales. So no, Broner is not on that level, and enough with that shenanigans. Even though, “Magic Man” Malignaggi showed the world that Broner has many flaws, Broner is a hot commodity for Golden Boy. Most importantly, fans do want to keep seeing him fight, so, what is next for Broner?


Weeks prior to his fight against Paulie, the WBC ordered a fight between Figueroa and Arakawa for an interim title and stated that they expected Broner to come back down to 135 pounds and fight against the winner. This might happen, especially, since Broner is focused on stacking up titles on different division and this move would avoid getting stripped by the WBC. I see Figueroa winning that interim title, and a fight between Figueroa and Broner would definitely be a nice treat to watch. So I’m hoping Broner does go back down. But in reality, to live up to the “superstar” status that Golden Boy Promotions, and at one point HBO, help build with Broner, the big money fights are at the heavier divisions. For that matter , I don’t see Broner in the lightweight division any more.

If Broner were to jump in the junior welterweight division or at welterweight, Broner would definitely have bigger paydays than as a lightweight. At 140, there are possible match ups against Garcia, Matthyssee, Peterson, and if we are allowed to dream, fights against Marquez, Rios, and Alvarado would be epic. As a welterweight, there are already talks about a match up against Maidana. But other possible fights for Broner at 147 pounds are against Kahn, Alexander, Guerrero, and if we dream again, fights against Pacquiao, and Bradley would make for something nice to watch. And, why not Floyd? Can Floyd be in the mix as a possible match up against Broner? I say, why not?

In all honesty, I think a fight against Floyd and Broner is a fight that is in the beginning stages. There is a reason why Broner was advised and allowed to jump two weight classes and fight against Malignaggi. Call me crazy, but out side of Canelo, right now who could Floyd fight as a welterweight that would sale and make crazy numbers? Kahn? No! Against Alexander…yeah right! Pacquiao is old news and that’s not happening! When you look at the opposition, skill wise and popularity, there really isn’t much out there that can give Floyd a run for his money. Again, call me crazy, delusional…hell, call me stupid, but my gut feeling is that Floyd fights Broner on his 5th or 6th fight! A fight against Broner and Floyd would be competitive, easily promoted, and it would sale by itself.

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Rudy “Ruthless” Gutierrez


Rodolfo Gutierrez AKA Rudy “Ruthless” Gutierrez- Born and raised in the mean streets of South Central L.A. Been a boxing fan all of my life. My childhood boxing memories are going with my dad to friends houses to watch Julio Cesar Chavez fight. My boxing knowledge comes from training in several gyms here in LA. I have several sparring round as ring experience. I never competed in the sport of boxing, but I love the sport and respect anyone who has the guts to lace up a pair of gloves. I love it so much that I am looking to one day be a boxing trainer and open my very own gym. Aside from reading, watching, and studying boxing, I love watching soccer matches, listening to all genre of music, playing guitar, teaching young children academics, and what I know of the “sweet science.”

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