Deontay Wilder the Future of Heavyweights


His record alone is something to marvel at. 28 victories, all 28 wins by way of knockout. Having never made it passed four rounds, he has amassed an astounding 16 knockouts in the first round, 6 knockouts in the second, 4 knockouts in the third, and only made it to the fourth round twice. His amateur career is also not too shabby, having won two major national titles and earning a Bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games. Though most of his professional wins are against unknown fighters, he recently impressed with a devastating knockout of Olympic Gold Medalist Audley Harrison. I’m here to tell you why Deontay Wilder, not only is the future of the heavyweight division, but also has the potential to revolutionize it and bring it back to its glory days.

Anytime the topic of the pitiful state and gradual decline of talent in the Heavyweight division comes up, everyone seems to always explain it in the same way. All of the 6’3-6’8 athletes are getting lured to the luxurious life of being an NFL or NBA superstar. All of the George Foreman, Muhammed Ali, Larry Holmes, Joe Frazier’s of today are going straight to those mainstream sports. Deontay Wilder, born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, stands at an astounding 6’7 with an 84 inch reach. Wilder had the dream of playing football and basketball at the University of Alabama, but had to abandon that dream when his daughter was born with a severe spinal condition, which coincidently brought him to the sport of boxing. My point with all of this is that Deontay Wilder is that elite athlete that we speak of that used to make up the Heavyweight division. A potential division one collegiate athlete turned boxer, who has the size, athleticism, and power to eventually be atop the Heavyweight division. Having starting boxing in 2005 and made his professional debut in 2008, he is only going to get better. If Wilder can make it to the top, become the next champion, maybe this will convince other young athletes to see that there is a future in boxing for them.

One thing is for sure, Deontay Wilder’s ability to effortlessly plow through the Heavyweight division is beginning to turn heads everywhere. With the recent cancellation of his fight with Dereck Chisora due to legal issues, there are talks of potential fights with David Price and Tyson Fury in the near future. If he continues winning, it is inevitable that he will end up in a championship fight with the likes of Wladimir Klitschko. Can this be the beginning of a new generation in Heavyweight boxing? Can we have our next great American Heavyweight? I say yes Deontay, lets start inspiring some of these young future Heavyweights, and lets take this back to the glory days!

Hector “El Torito” Gomez


Hector Gomez- A Mexican-American boxing enthusiast from Tennessee with an enthusiastic opinion on the sweet science.