Canelo Will Win


I believe Canelo is going to win this fight and take that elusive “0” from Pretty Boy Floyd. To me I see flashes of greatness in Canelo. He is something that hasn’t been seen in decades of boxing. I mention this earlier this week on twitter (@tnakey_ky , check me out), that Canelo’s intangibles are undeniable. Canelo has the rare combination of speed, power, and boxing IQ. Canelo comes from Guadalajara, Mexico, a place were boxers are bread. Canelo has mentioned before that his hometown has made him into who he is now. He has fought his whole life. As most of us know, the name “Canelo,” was given to him in reference to his red hair, meaning cinnamon. Growing up he was made fun a lot, thus, birthing the beast we know today as Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.
I have thought a lot of about this fight, even before the boxing gods made this fight possible. I will say, I have been back and forth about who I believe will win but the more I thought about it and watched Canelo’s previous fights, again and again, I am 100% sure he will win. Floyd is 36 years old and yes he will train and be ready for this fight mentally and physically. I just believe at that age the power that he is going to have to taste the whole fight will wear him down at that age. Canelo has grown so much as a fighter in the last year. Starting from his fight against Shane Mosley, he controlled the fight and showed his talent and potential. Then, against Josesito Lopez, he showed his power. Yes. Lopez was moving up in weight, but he destroyed this man and knocked him down three times with body shots. Now more currently, against Austin Trout, he showed that he can box and be a solid defensive fighter. He did show flaws in each of these fights but in the next one he corrected those mistakes and shown he has grown as a fighter in each fight. Against Lopez, he showed he can be hit and after that against Trout he rarely got hit by a good shot. Although, against Trout he showed he was not as fit as he should of been and he lacked endurance. This is the trend and I bet you that roll around September 14th he will be ready to fight Floyd and he will come out on top.
We have been blessed with the best fight in the last decade and we get to watch the greatest fighter of his era fight a soon to be an All-time great.

Kyrus Lanxter

Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers- I am a fan turned writer, turned Founder of Heavy Bag Boxing. My hope is to see a new golden era of boxing come about for my sons to enjoy.