Stevens Goes The Distance With Findley


Curtis “showtime” Stevens 24(17)-3 (1) went the distance on Saturday night, easily out pointing a game, but easy foe in Derrick Findley 20(13)-10(1). The judges scored the fight unanimously for Stevens 78-74 78-74 and 79-73 respectively.

Stevens came out of the gate with a sound game plan. He Established his jab, threw combinations off of his jab, and it worked effectively. His game plan truely effective that it kept Findley off balance for much of the fight. Findley tried to use his size to his advantage and tried to bully Stevens against the ropes and land punches to wear down the champ. Almost every round looked the same. Stevens used sound defense, good movement, and landed effective hard shots. Findley, who squared up as a means to defend from Stevens shots, was usually more of a target than anything. When he did let go of his punches, they were usually wide and wild haymakers that didn’t land anywhere!


There was a brief moment of drama when Curtis hit the canvas when he got caught off guard with a jab/push and was correctly ruled a knockdown, however, any hopes that Findley may have had, quickly vanished, as Stevens came back and clearly dominated the rest of the round. Stevens did enough in that round that it could have been scored 10-9, which one judge did score that way because the ref corrected this decision and ruled the knockdown a slip.

Overall impression of the fight is that Stevens needs a couple of more fights that will give him more rounds and more experience. His punches were crisp and on target, but seemed as though he may have gotten a little tired and took a couple of rounds off (although he still won them). When ever he goes against the top tier guys in the 160 pound division he is going to need these extra rounds to win close decisions against game opponents! His left hand is by far the neutralizer in any fight! If it lands, its has enough pop to make the lights go off in any house!


Whats next? There are a ton of options at 160 for Curtis Stevens. Some entertaining fights that could be made, Donovan George who was recently a part of a split decision draw, would be an all action fight that many would like to see, as well as Gennady Golovkin’s name has come up several times in the recent mentions of possible opponents. I would like to see Curtis take on one more 160 guy before he takes on the top tier guys. However, one thing that for sure, the boxing world needs to see more of Curtis Stevens on cards, as he is a crowd pleasing style fighter, and he is always going to give you something to talk about!!

By Ryan Browning


Ryan Browning- I was Born in DETROIT MI, Avid Fan of all Pro Teams Detroit, Tigers, Lions, Pistons, Red Wings. I love boxing because its Man against Man, and sometimes the will of one man, will defeat the skill of another! Some of my Favorite Boxers are Sugar Ray Robinson, Mike Tyson, and Roy Jones Jr.