Too Much Heart For His Own Good!

Gabriel Rosado has nothing to be a shame of. So hold your head up high, champ!
Tonight we saw Golovkin dominate and punish Rosado for the entire bout. Rosado proved to have a warrior’s heart. He never gave up, he kept pushing and pushing, but tonight Golovkin was simply the strongest and better man in the ring.
From the get go, Golovkin’s power seem to be too much for Rosado. Evident in the second round where Golovkin cut Rosado’s left eye with a jab to the face. Through out the entire fight Rosado kept landing single punches, and was trying to box Golovkin, but Golovkin’s relentless pressure and accurate punching technique backed up by tremendous power led for the fight to be stopped.
I applaud Billy Briscoe, Rosado’s trainer, for stopping the fight. Rosado proved to be a warrior, and it was smart of him to spot his fighter from unnecessary punishment.
Having said that, at this moment, it seems evident that Rosado should go back down to 154 pounds make noise in that division. Rosado you gave a brave performance and the Heavy Bag salutes you for that!
Now to Golovkin. Many will say that Golovkin is hyped up, and they may be right, but Golovkin is sure in route prove that he is not all hype and an actual legitimate middle weight. There are several serious and competitive rivals for Golovkin. For example, you have Peter Quillin,Macklin, Chavez Jr., and his biggest test, I think, would be Sergio Martinez. Stylistically, I think out of all the top middle weights right now, I think that Matinez has the biggest possibility of beating Golovkin. But even then, I wonder of Martinez has the chin to with stand Golovkin’s power.
Can’t wait to see who GGG fights next. It will be interesting, for sure!

Let me know what you think.
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Rudy “Ruthless” Gutierrez
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