NBC Sports: Stevens Is Back! Kovalev Makes Statement!


Curtis Stevens (23-3) has had a rocky career so far but he appears to be focused and back on track. January 19th Stevens met up with Elvin Ayala (26-6) and destroyed him in a first round knockout. Ayala started the round strong but as he was throwing a combo, Stevens countered with a powerful left hook that folded Ayala. Somehow miraculously Ayala beat the count but Stevens finished him off before he could get his legs back.

After his win Stevens climbed a corner to celebrate and a man jumped on his back. Security quickly regained control of the situation. In his post fight interview Stevens said “I’m here, I’m ready, I’m focused. I’m ready to become WBC, WBA, WBO unified middleweight champ. Since Zab Judah from Brownsville Brooklyn, New york. Curtis Showtime Stevens don’t forget the name. I’m coming for war!” The middleweight division better watch out for Stevens. If he remains focused he could be the wrecking ball of the division.


The main even for the NBC Sports card was Gabriel Campillo (21-5) against Sergey Kovalev (20-0-1). Soon as the fight started something seemed off with Campillo. Every punch Kovalev landed hurt Campillo. Campillo was on the defensive most of the first round. In the third round Kovalev landed a straight as Campillo was rushing in and it staggered Campillo. Smelling blood Kovalev rushed him, landing another straight that put Campillo down. Campillo slumped on his knees, he looks defeated.

Campillo climbs to his feet only to be blitzed by Kovalev and forced to take a knee. Once again Campillo rises and once again Kovalev places him on his ass with yet another straight. The ref says he has seen enough and calls the fight. Not to take away from Kovalev but Campillo just didn’t show up. Regardless it was a impressive showing and a marque won for Sergey Kovalev.

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Lucas Biggers

Lucas Biggers

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